Friday, August 21, 2015

Biased Reporting by the Associated Press and News

Yahoo - AP - Cheating website subscribers included WH, Congress workers. That was the title of the article. A website was built for adulterers, it had millions of subscribers, millions. The website was hacked and the names of the people who joined it were made public. That is the story. What do you think the odds are that the users came from all walks of life and industry? Yet these reporters seemed stunned and offended that some of them were in government.

Lets be clear on my feelings about adultery, I don't respect it, never engaged in it and was a victim of an adulterous spouse. While homosexuality did not make the ten commandments, adultery did. People in America excused Bill Clinton's adultery and his perjury on the matter; but, voted against gay marriage. There is not one state that penalizes people who are getting divorced for adultery, they get the same alimony as if they had been faithful to their spouse. Gay marriage is not destroying the family, the acceptance of adultery is because that destroys trust in the family. Have I made my position clear? By the way, the old testament said to stone adulterers, not gays.

Why did the article focus on government workers and ignore the bigger issues, like, I don't know, showing how many people accessed the site from their work computers and then naming them by company. What do you think the odds are that some of the people working for the Associated Press also accessed the cheating website from their work computers? It might help to know which industries had the most cheaters, at least it might help their spouses. Think about it.

Yahoo - The myth of Trump’s angry legions. The article basically claims that Trump just represents a fraction of Republican voters, he represents a quarter and is the front runner. It also implies that the Trump supporters are the only ones outraged on the right by what is going on, don't bet on that. The article completely ignores the fact that congress only has an 11% approval rating. The media is incapable of discussing how the Tea Party, Occupy Movement, Sanders and Trump represent a growing dissatisfaction with where America is going and how the system is rigged against the average American. When I wrote my post about Sanders and Trump being the only ones worth voting for President, I assumed everyone would disagree; but, now I am hearing people like Jesse Ventura and other independents saying the exact same thing. People are angry with the status quo and the establishment wants to convince you that you are not.

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