Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jeb Bush Has Now Proven He Only Cares About the Rich

I was on the fence about Jeb Bush, I figured he was just another Bush; but, more boring. He has just announced his new tax plan. He wants to cut taxes to increase growth. Haven't we been doing that since Reagan and has it helped the average American? He also wants to cut the taxes on businesses by almost half and it would be half of what the rest of us pay; but, then again, many big companies are not paying any taxes now and few are paying taxes on the money they make overseas to the United States.

I should point out that while he would cut the corporate tax rate by almost half, he also want to give corporations more in deductions. He is convinced this will increase growth; but, for whom. Since the crash just about all the increases in wealth have gone to the top one percent while wages have remained constant and have not kept up with inflation. Wait, he also wants to allow companies that made money overseas to bring it back into the country without being taxed at all. Read that last sentence again, if they keep their money overseas for ten years, they get to bring it back into the US with no tax on it. He is a true man of the people, the wealthy people, not the American people. This guy cares less about average Americans than Twit Romney.

It is pretty simple. When Reagan pitched trickle down economics (the idea that giving tax breaks to companies and the wealthy would lead to more investment in industry in the United States), America thought, it is worth a try and we trust the guy telling us. It hasn't worked and I think we all know that 35 years later. Even more businesses have outsourced since being given tax breaks. Wages for American workers have not even kept up with inflation.

Yahoo - CNBC - Jeb Bush: My tax plan will push growth to 4%.

 I personally don't care about how much growth 1% of us see, I care about how much the nation benefits. Here is the question you should ask politicians, if we vote for you how will your policies increase wages and the number of middle class jobs. I like that question.

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