Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rand and Ron Paul - Idiots

Huffington Post - Rand Paul: Income Inequality Comes From 'Some People Working Harder' Than Others.  He said that basically, the harder you work, the more you succeed. It would be great if the world worked that way. Is your job easier than it was ten or five years ago, are you working harder and are you making more? Has everyone worked less since the crash of 2007-2008, I mean the people that kept their jobs not the ones who lost their jobs. If you kept your job and are working harder are you making more. The stats say that we are working harder, productivity of the American worker has been going up for 40 years and pay has been flat, no increases as productivity has increased. Is Rand Paul unaware of this? Nope he knows, he just doesn't care.

The Pauls promote a form of libertarianism, one that believes there should be no government regulation and that it is everyone for themselves in this world. The only time we are supposed to work together is to protect ourselves from physical threats. What has Rand Paul had to say about exporting jobs to other countries?

Why couldn't Ron Paul get as much support as Donald Trump has? The more people get to know what the Pauls really believe, like no social services, the less people like them. Oddly enough, or maybe not, the more people listen to Trump, the more support he has received. Maybe we already knew he was a trash talker and pointing that out a hundred times is just stupid. I smoke, how many times do you think I have been told that smoking is bad for me? People probably know more about Trump than anyone else running for president. More people know who Trump is than any other candidate except Hillary Clinton. To most of the nation, Jeb Bush is just another Bush; but, was governor of Florida. Outside of Florida he is only known for being a Bush. As far as how he thinks, we saw him for years on television and may have even read his books. The media makes him out to be a buffoon and trouble maker who is not serious about winning. They never manage to quote anything from his books that would back up either of those things.

If the pollsters want a real question, I will offer one up. Which politician do you think will keep his promise if he makes it and you keep up your part of the bargain? Everyone other than Sanders and Trump have kept their word when they made promises. I support strengthening our border control; but, would not deport 11 million people; but, I would deport a percentage based on what they have done since moving her and based upon the amount of time they have been here. Having said that, I know that Trump honestly intends to and if elected would do everything he could to deport them, he is not just talking lies and everyone else knows it too. The truth is that when Trump said he wanted to deport the illegal aliens, nobody questioned if he meant it, not the other Republicans, not the Democrats and not the media. Instead they talked about why it was a bad thing or how he was extreme. Nobody doubted that he meant what he said. Think about it.

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