Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thoughts About The Media and Trump

The Pimpernel is neither Republican nor Democrat and neither left nor right. I personally am disgusted by the politicians of this nation and have been for quite awhile now. I am neither a pure capitalist or a communist, I am for all of America and all Americans. I don't believe in dogma over what is right. I believe that a society does best when it works together, I don't believe in everyone for themselves. I think the essence of selfishness is the essence of all sin. People that know me and have read my blog will tell you that it reads like I sound in person. The thoughts I have written about here are my true thoughts, at least when I wrote them, I have changed some of my perspectives over the years.

So, what does all of that have to do with Trump. Well, I couldn't imagine rooting for him 30 years ago. He is crass, obnoxious and not what I would want in a statesman. Yet, here we are with him being the only candidate on the right who I could consider voting for because all of the others are just actors who have sold their souls and their votes to the big money. Nothing the others say matters because it doesn't reflect what they will do.

You know why Jeb Bush promised to cut taxes for the wealthy? It wasn't to get more votes, it was because the rise of Trump has hurt his ability to get more from donors. Only days ago I read about how his money was no longer coming in. He is promising tax cuts to the wealthy so they will send him money for his campaign. Trump had previously said, he will tax the rich more. Just saying that for a Republican was an act of defiance to the system. Trump is for America first and that is what is refreshing because all of the others have proven they don't care about us.

Now we get to the press. Never before have I seen the left and right unanimous in being against a candidate. The liberal media should be focused on liberal candidates because the primaries are about to begin and their number one priority should be on their party; but, it is not, it is focused on Trump. Which Republican candidate other than Trump has the liberal media talked about in the last two months? I'll wait for the answer.

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