Saturday, September 5, 2015

More Garbage From Republicans About Trump

Yahoo - Business Insider - Donald Trump can't answer a simple question that's one of the fundamentals of his campaign.

Marco Rubio went after Trump for saying that he wanted to make America great again by asking whether or not Trump thought America was great. Trump explained what he thought was wrong with the country and Business Insider implies that he did not answer the question. The question is garbage because I think everyone really does understand what Trump meant. He meant that we are losing the standing that we held in the world and the opportunities that people used to have. We are falling behind and need to get back up is Trumps message.

I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats over the years and associate myself with neither party. I don't believe the parties represent liberals or conservatives, just big money. I disagree with Trump's approach in certain areas and with some of his policies; but, the sad thing is that he is the more moderate of the candidates. He is willing to compromise to get things done rather than promote gridlock. The rest of the Republican candidates are afraid to address the issues we are interested in in any meaningful manner. Rubio could have talked about Trumps stance on immigration or tax laws or Iran; but, instead he chose to play clever word games about Trumps four word slogan, not policies, his slogan. That is lame.

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