Tuesday, September 8, 2015

9/2015 Odds and Ends

Huffington Post - Associated News - Huckabee Compares Gavin Newsom To Kentucky Clerk, Sparks Twitter War. Here is the short story, back in the day the mayor of San Francisco issued same sex marriage licenses before the legislature or courts had made it legal. Those marriages were annulled by the courts later. Huckabee supports the clerk in Kentucky for refusing to issue licenses to gays and says that it is the same thing that the mayor of San Francisco did, ignoring the law and I agree with him on that issue. For me, they are both wrong because they are making up their own laws and ignoring their responsibility to implement the law of the land right or wrong.

Smithsonian - Melting Ice in Yellowstone is Revealing Ancient Artifacts Faster Than Researchers Can Handle. The article starts with these words, "As the climate changes" and then goes on to talk about how some of the ice in Yellowstone that is usually there during summer is melting and all sorts of artifacts are being found from hundreds of years ago to tens of thousands of years ago. Wait, hundreds of years ago, doesn't that mean that this has happened before in the last couple hundred years for the artifacts to be there?

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