Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Way To Get Rid of Trump

I was reading an article that said the way to get rid of Trump was to make fun of him. Nope, that is not going to do it and it shows a lack of understanding why the negative media coverage only helps him. Trump is not the Tea Party or the Occupy Movement, those were dealt with by the people who run this country. The Tea Party was subverted into the system and then prevented from making changes. The Occupy Movement was physically eliminated and arrested.

Here is the thing that nobody wants to really recognize, not the media or the politicians or the wealthy. The middle and working class has been getting taken advantage of for 40 years in an increasingly heartless manner and neither the media, politicians or wealthy have done anything to help; but, have in fact all benefitted from our loss of jobs to other countries and decreasing wages in the United States. The working people that built this country know that and don't trust those groups anymore. How else can this nation express it's outrage and seek representation if the apple cart is not overturned and you know what, any politician who has been in politics for more than 8 years and has not tried to stop these things with new ways, is not going to be trusted to do it now.

Trump may go away, it is early in the election; but, that will not change the sentiment that has given him his support, that anger is still percolating. Those who fail to learn from history and bound to repeat it. When is the last time that the nation was led by corrupt politicians who only worked for the benefit of themselves and special interests?  Hmm, that would be the early 1900s and eventually the people voted in the progressive Teddy Roosevelt and the other people committed to "good government" and that meant creating civil servants and letting unions rise and busting up monopolies.

The media does not understand that Trump is also increasingly showing how bought and sold they are. Everytime they trump up stories about Trump, it becomes increasingly clear that they are working against him; but, we already knew the media was a bunch of spin doctors and liars. There is a way to get rid of Trump before he wins without making him a martyr and making the public even more angry, change the laws to benefit the workers and not just the wealthy, level the playing field for all Americans and stop giving any tax breaks to companies that outsource work that could be done here. It is that simple and the current politicians and CEOs aren't going to do that and the media won't call for it because they don't care about American working people.


This is too funny. I had just logged out of the blog and came across an article from Bloomberg titled, "Do the Math: The Rich Really Are Different".  The article starts by saying that extreme income inequality has been increasing since the 1980s and nobody really knows why. The author states that it could be lowering taxes (to the wealthy more than others should have been stated), technological advances or a basic problem with capitalism. That was the best the writer could think of. The author states that it has been mathematically proven that those things alone would not have increased income inequality as much as has occurred. The author then states that it might be the rise of people who are just better at investing, superstar investors and he claims to have math to prove that is possible.

Aside from the fact that IQs are not vastly different between the wealthy and non-wealthy, it is just stupid to believe that the last 40 years has created more supermen, this is not a comic book. How can the media continue to tell us that things are okay and it is all our fault if it is not okay when the politicians don't even vote for the policies we elected them to vote in regards to what really matters, jobs and opportunity for all.

Here is what the author didn't think about including in his equations. How much money was stolen by the big banks because they rigged all the financial markets (to which they have pled guilty and paid minimal fines). The author also didn't bother calculating how much the income inequality was caused by sending jobs and technology to China.

With all the things Trump has talked about regarding foreign nations, the one thing the media refuses to write about is the job losses to foreign countries. He didn't just talk about Mexican immigrants, he talked about American companies sending jobs to Mexico. I have not read one article about that.


USA Today - Wolff: There's one obvious Trump slayer.  This article claims that people like Trump because he is openly a narcissist. The author then says that it is about us liking people who have been self made, movers and shakers. Finally the author concludes that billionaire Michael Bloomberg would beat him. Nope, not gonna happen and the point of Trump is once again lost, perhaps intentionally when nobody in the media can apparently see the obvious or at least admit to the truth. We all know that politicians are egomaniacs and narcissists. There are others who have given up on believing Hillary Clinton can win and are calling for Joe Biden to run. LOL. They refuse to want people to enter the race based on their policies and instead think they will find an opponent to Trump based on recognition or likeability, neither will be successful.

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