Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thoughts On Women - Cosby Versus Trump

I attended my last concert of the year tonight and couldn't watch the debates. When I got home I was able to watch a number of videos about it and read the news. Seems like all the candidates went after Trump (that was not hard to predict) and the media salivated over the meaningless. Rather than focus on positions they focused on how many good one liners the candidates got off. The item that seemed to be the biggest focus of the media was Carly Fiorina saying that women knew what Donald Trump meant when he made a comment about her face before. The second most talked about line was Jeb Bush asking Trump to apologize for saying his wife was Mexican and Bush pointed out that she was Mexican. I don't think I would say that someone attacked my mother if they pointed out that she was Irish, she was as was my dad and my whole family.

Both Bush and Fiorina along with the media have attempted to imply that Trump thinks women are less than men. There is a problem with this claim, look at the women Trump has surrounded himself with during his life, they are not bimbos or idiots. Trump likes smart women and has defended who chose to be in beauty pageants. The media had tried to get one of Trumps ex-wives to talk dirt about him; but, she wouldn't she said he was good to her. Now personally, I have no idea what Trump is like with women in private or the bedroom. I know that person I knew who met him said he was very pleasant and courteous to him in private. But, this post isn't about Trump.

The media seeks to sell us stories and images, they have never cared how truthful they were. I live in a town where they make movies and sell images. I know for a fact many lies that the media has told about celebrities. Some of the most vile people in this world are promoted as caring and compassionate by the media when they are actually just jerks or worse. Now we get to Bill Cosby. I refuse to, at this time without a trial, say that Bill Cosby is guilty of raping all the women who have accused him of doing so. I do believe in innocent until proven guilty. For the moment lets say I would be surprised if nothing had happened. Still, Cosby is not the focus of this post either, the media is.

The media gladly accuses Trump of being anti-women. Where were they for the past 50 years in regards to Cosby. Many in Hollywood believed Cosby was taking advantage of women, some thought it was common knowledge in the industry. Why did the media, which now says he was a rapist, ignore all these questions in the past and is yet so quick to imply bad intent by Trump?

How is it that a media that focuses on the Kardashians rear-ends can claim that Trump is sexist? The media is always talking about whether or not women have had face lifts, breast implants and their age. Look at the movies that have 60 year old men dating 25 or 30 year old women. The media you see is nothing more than the illusion that they can sell and make off of. Believe it. The same people that report the news meet with other celebrities in private and at parties, they do hang out together often. Jimmy Kimmel and Justin Timberlake are not the only celebrities that are friends. John Stamos is good friends with Don Rickles, they spend a lot of time together. When you are in private with people, going to their houses and spending evenings together, you get to know them. Cosby spent time with people in the media, he had friends with people in the industry; but, it was not profitable to accuse him of being a sleaze bag to women as he was Mr. Wholesome and that image sold. His current image does not sell.

The media has attempted to categorize Fiorina as a defender of women and equality. This is the same person who supports banning abortions, is against Lesbians marrying and does not support mandatory maternity leave being offered by companies. Huh? Please, show me a POLICY that Trump is touting that is anti-women's rights. I'll wait.

I will talk about abortion for a minute. I believe all abortion is killing another human. As far as I know, my position on this has never changed. I also don't believe in slavery and don't believe I can or have the right to control another's body. My daughters all know that if they had an abortion, I would be very disappointed in them. I would offer to take on a child of theirs if they were raped and didn't want to raise it. I would not lock them in a room and force them to have the child, that would be slavery and controlling someone's every move is worse. By the way, Trump has said that one of his focuses will be on healthcare for women. The media ignores all of this and focuses on trivial statements rather than statements on policy.

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