Friday, September 18, 2015

Banking Crime

Yahoo - Business Insider - It looks like banks might have rigged another huge market.

Well, it looks like the banksters got caught rigging another market, this time it was the market for U.S. treasury notes. In my mind that is not just felony theft and fraud but also constitutes treason. Why haven't any of the presidential candidates commented on all the market rigging by the banks?

Now, I am for putting criminals in jail and would be more than happy to see the people who rigged our financial markets and stole the retirement money from workers in jail. That hasn't happened yet so consider my newest proposal, don't let companies that rig markets get any tax deductions for ten years. They are not afraid of going to jail because they own the politicians; but, they are deathly afraid of not being able to rig the tax system so that they get more deductions than the rest of us. As Matt Taibbi pointed out, they deduct the fines they are charged from their taxes. How is that right?

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