Wednesday, September 16, 2015

9/16/2015 Republican Debates

Later today the Republicans are going to hold a new round of debates. The big question that all the media is asking is who is going to take on Trump or will they all go after him. It really doesn't matter and the media cannot see that, they refuse to understand what is going on. The will miss out on their chance to compete with him. Rather than going after Trump they should try to be the second to last man standing and go after each other while ignoring Trump.

Let me explain the media's foolishness. If the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem begins to look like a nail. We all understand that. Trump is not a nail. The establishment wants to see the same problems they have faced in the past and deal with them as they always have and with Trump it is not working. Trump and to lesser extent Sanders is getting support because the nation doesn't believe anyone who runs for public office tells the truth about what they believe. You cannot fake sincerity to a whole nation after having lied so many times. A known evil is better than an unknown one, and we don't know what the other politicians think, we don't trust them to do or even try to seriously do what they say they will.

When is the last time we have truly seen a populist, representing the majority of us, run for president. I disagree with Trump about many things, I am more left than he is. Perot was running on just being a businessman and was intimidated into quitting his run. Ron Paul is really a reactionary Libertarian. He is not realistic and his own party never supported him. The last time we saw a growing populist was Huey Long and before that, Teddy Roosevelt. Both Long and Roosevelt disagreed with their parties standard garbage. Long was killed for it. Trump is an outlier and the establishment never knows how to deal with outliers.

Many of the founding fathers were against having political parties. They were concerned that politicians would follow the party rather than their constituents wishes, that they would put party above national interest. Trump, Long and Roosevelt put the nation before party, whether you agree with their choices or not. If every moderator of the debates today attacks Trump and every Republican attacks Trump he will be able claim rightfully that he is not being treated fairly and would be free to run as an independent without violating his pledge. My bet is that is exactly what is going to happen tonight, he signed the document and now all the others of the establishment feel free to gang attack him. I want betting odds.

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