Saturday, November 14, 2015

Some Annoying News Articles and Something Really Interesting About History.

Rolling Stone - 5 Bizarre Conservative Theories About the Mizzou and Yale Protests. If we are going to promote capitalism then we have to live with it. If we are going to promote democracy then we have to live with it. If I spend $500 on a meal at a restaurant, I expect a great meal. If I hock my life with loans for the next 30 years and spend as much as a house would cost me, guess what, I have a right to complain if I feel I am being treated unfairly by the college that is getting that money. It is one thing to disagree with their complaints of racism, it is another to say that they don't have the right to raise them.

Yahoo - AFP - GM to sell Chinese-made cars in the US: report. Lets just title this one, American companies pouring salt in the wounds of American workers. By the way, GM says that this isn't even a cost saving purpose. You mean they could have made it for the same here and chose to have it made in China without saving a dime? That is their claim.

Washington Post - Time for GOP panic? Establishment worried Carson or Trump might win. Another article about how the "Republican Party" establishment wants to tell you who should be the party nominee. If Trump or Carson is the nominee you watch, the party will change the rules of getting nominated just like the Democrats with their "super delegates".

Rolling Stone - Matt Taibbi - The Case For Bernie Sanders. Like my recent post on how the Republican party wants Trump and Carson out, this is an article on how the Democratic party wants Bernie Sanders out. Neither party wants to know what you think.

Now for something fun on a very late Friday night - Saturday morning.

Gobekli Tepe.

Archeology has argued for years that man was pretty stupid for just about all of our history and then somehow miraculously became smart about 5,000 years ago. Prior to that it was believed that people barely worked together, were uncoordinated in any real way and were "hunter gatherers" What they did not believe is that farming communities were around longer than 5,000 years or so or even real cities. It is also believed that Sumeria was the seat of civilization and then Egypt. The Egyptian pyramids are believed to be about 5,000 years old (I should point out that there are questions about the Sphinx's age). Well, not long ago giant monoliths were found in Turkey that are 12,000 years old and they have art carved in them.

Now here is where it gets fun. It is believed that about the same time as GT was built, man learned to farm because it is believed that about 20 miles away the first wheat was farmed. I should point out that up until the 1800s most people never travelled further than 20 miles from their home. No cars, no trains and few owned riding horses. The only time large groups of people travelled far even 1,000 years ago was either for war or trade, not to grow wheat. If we accept that answer then we must conclude that 12,000 ago the people of GT invented both farming and the creation of giant monoliths that weighed tons and constructed buildings with them.

So here is my question. If man creating farming allowed him to build giant building because he was freed up from hunting and gathering all the time, why didn't anyone else build such structures for another 7,000 years. We know farming took off like mad. By the way, the people who built GT continued using it for a few thousand years so they didn't just die off. Oh, and when they did disappear they buried the whole place under dirt not to be found until the 1900s.The truth is that we don't know much about the years prior to Sumaria 5,000 years ago. In fact, we know practically nothing about those times as GT is proving.

These are some interesting things to look into. Here is what is not interesting. Ben Carson claims that the pyramids were used to store grain, supposedly by Joseph. That is idiotic. Firstly, no evidence of grain storage has EVER been found in the pyramids. Secondly, it would be the dumbest place in the world to store grain as it was completely enclosed, there was no way in until it was robbed and the robbers basically burrowed into it. I should also point out that the bible does not talk about the pyramids as far as we know. The truth is that the open areas inside the pyramids are incredibly small compared to the overall size and not even suitable for grain storage as it is a complete waste of structure. Beyond all that, why would people spend years building a pyramid to store grain when they could build storage buildings in months and big ones that were well protected. Egypt had a pretty good army.

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