Saturday, November 14, 2015

Vatican Mysteries That Are Not

We all like a good conspiracy theory and not all are just theories. Truth is we were tricked into Vietnam after being told American ships were attacked in the Golf of Tonkin and that was a lie. We were also tricked into Iraq after being told they had mass weapons of destruction. Heck, for years people who thought the Bildergerg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-Lateral Commission met in secret to discuss worldwide approaches to common problems was non-sense. Well, they do meet in secret, you don't know what is discussed and they are pretty open about it now. As for how serious these conspiracies can get, giving LSD to adults without their knowledge, testing spreading viruses through the New York subway system and giving children cereal that was radioactive, yeah, those things were all done by the CIA and have been documented by the United States government. If you doubt it, you might want to go to the congressional website and look up the church committee. But, just because some conspiracies are real does not mean that all of them are or even that all of the stories get the real story straight.

One popular conspiracy theory for the past decade or so was by Dan Brown and it is the idea that Jesus had a baby with Mary Magdalene and that the truth is being hidden by the Vatican in it's "Secret Library". In case you have read this nonsense as anything more than a decent book and a couple of mediocre movies, let me explain a few things.

Firstly, the library is not secret, it is restricted. This is very common for libraries holding original documents from antiquity. In fact many libraries are limited to people having Masters or Doctorate degrees. I know, I have visited one of them at a major university. Secondly, the requirements to look at or even touch these books can be quite limited as they do not wish the books to age anymore than can be avoided. Lighting, air, temperature, moisture and other things can all increase the decay of these books and that is why they are often protected in the same way as some of the greatest art treasures.

The Vatican has well over a million documents and books that are kept protected in their non-public library. The odds are that even they do not know what is in all of the books and papers. Lets not forget that the Dead Sea Scrolls are still being deciphered and we have had those for decades. The value of some of these documents is incalculable. Thieves would love to get in there; but, it is very well guarded.

Now Dan Brown and others have repeated an old gnostic (read heretical) theory that Jesus and Magdalene had a child and that it is being hidden because Jesus having a child would destroy his perception of divinity. At first blush this sounds vaguely reasonable until you consider the fact that God is Jesus' father with the virgin Mary and that is how Jesus came into being. We are all God's creation, why would a physical relationship matter when we were all physically created by him. You don't have to agree with the theology. The point is that anyone that knows the bible well would not be bothered at all if Jesus had kids. Other than the Catholic church most churches allow their pastors to marry. Another equally dumb theory is that the Vatican is hiding evidence of aliens. Again sounds vaguely plausible except that these are all ancient documents not modern day photographs. The bible itself talks about lights in the sky and the Vatican's answer is angels. What definitive document from the 1300s could exist that would prove aliens from another planet and be accepted as being correct. Modern people didn't even believe stories by sailors in the 1400s of giant squid until we filmed them in the last few years.

YouTube - What Is The Vatican Hiding In Its Archives?

The truth is that we don't get told the whole story about many things by the government. The U.S. and all countries hide a lot of things from the public especially the things they did that would be considered evil. It is equally true that industry does not tell us things like their plans for the future. Insider trading is very common on Wall Street and future technologies are regularly hidden by the government and private industry.

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