Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Question About the People Protesting Trump

I was reading a New York Times article about how the protestors were working out their plans in strip malls weeks in advance of his coming. I thought that was odd, who is paying for the space? If they can afford the space then why don't they have pre-printed signs? Oh, yeah and how come the organizations funding the protests don't have to register as Political Action Committees? While those are all good questions, I have a better one, why didn't these people protest the wars in Arabia? Now that is a real good question because the protestors love to have signs that say, "No hate in our state" and some claim that they don't like the fact that Trump wants to limit people from Muslim countries coming here. If they care so much about the Muslims, why didn't they protest us bombing them?

Here is another question, when Cruz's SuperPac put out adds attacking Trump's wife, why didn't the media take Cruz to task; but, when Trump said that if Cruz was going to discuss wives, Cruz himself should be real careful? Yet the media has been talking for days about how Trump may have crossed the line? What line, Cruz's SuperPac actually televised this anti-Trump ad.

YouTube - Trump’s Wife's Nudes Are Being Using Against Him

So this story came out about a peaceful protestor who got pepper sprayed at a Trump rally; but, that story is not quite right. In fact the women punched a much older man in the face and then got pepper sprayed. The women who got pepper sprayed later claimed that the man she hit had fondled her. I have a question about that, you see the woman had been in a screaming match with the Trump supporters before hitting the man and he was in front of her but not close when she hit him. So if you watch the video you have to ask yourself, how long did she wait before she hit him because he doesn't even touch her in the video taken just prior to her hitting him, how did he get so far away before she came at him and hit him, she had to really reach out to hit him and oddly enough nobody who was there said the man had touched her. Now here is the funny part, the police are only investigating who pepper sprayed her and whether or not she was groped. Why aren't they charging her with battery for hitting the man? Simple answer, he didn't file a claim against her. He could have; but, he did not. Still, the police have the video evidence and should have charged her with battery; but, they didn't.

I have to say something, I don't particularly like Trump. Clearly I wrote that I had been for Sanders and no longer supported him because he acted like a cheap politician when it came to Trump. The thing is that while all the Republicans I know support Trump, they don't particularly like him either. What they care about is American jobs coming back. It is that simple. For reasons that I prefer not to go into, I am no longer sure that I could support Trump either. It has nothing to do with his wanting to halt and limit immigration, it has nothing to do with any of his policies, though I disagree with many of them. My reason involves a spiritual question that I prefer not to discuss at the moment. If Trump were to get elected and bring peace to the middle east, then I will discuss my questions. Still, I am bothered by all the propaganda and dirty tricks against Trump being used by the right and the left. I think it exposes their hypocrisy. I really don't like Trump supporters being compared to Nazis when most of my friends support Trump and had family members fight the Nazis. My dead uncle fought on Iwo Jima during World War II. He would have supported Trump, my dad would have too and he was highly decorated in the Korean war and hated communism and the Nazis. Here is a poll that was taken and never published, how many of you who support Trump thought we should not have fought Nazi Germany in World War II. I guarantee this poll was taken and will never be released. How do I know this, they took polls to see how many of Trumps followers thought the south should have won the civil war. How bout this question, how many Trump supporters fought in World War II compared to the other candidates. That poll was taken too, the polls asked people's age, that means the pollsters knew how many of Trumps supporters had lived through World War II.

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