Thursday, March 31, 2016

Water Lies and Theft

YouTube - 7News - Denver investigating underground water storage.  Keep an eye on all stories about water, something interesting and wrong is happening. Denver is now looking into underground water storage in case of drought. Why is this interesting, simple, why go to all the expense of storing water underground when you can store it above ground for much less.

Fox - State of California flouts its own enviro laws, claims county threatening multi-million-dollar suit.  Okay, Caltrans drills tiny little holes so see what the groundwater levels are and many counties want them to obtain permits to "protect" the groundwater. In Sacramento they claim they are concerned about the Sacramento delta; but, that is not below ground. What might be interesting is to find out how much groundwater has been taken and the condition of the water table.

Fox - Supreme Court appears skeptical about feds applying Clean Water Act to family biz properties.

Christian Science Monitor - Debate over water rights intensifies as Saudis buy up swaths of US farmland.  The short of the story is that Saudi Arabia is buying up desert property and draining the groundwater to grow alfalfa in the desert and then shipping the alfalfa overseas. I will ask a question that I have asked before, why are people allowed to take water during a drought and send it or its products overseas when the rest of us must ration water and not even water our lawns? Think about it.

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