Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cuba, China and Jobs

President Obama has travelled to Cuba, the first President to do so in about 90 years and the media has serious questions about this, my question is why. When Nixon went to China the press was excited and glowed over the event in non-stop coverage. How is this any different? The media complains that Cuba is a communist dictatorship, yet, China is still a communist dictatorship. Heck, we have a history of supporting dictators, remember Ferdinand Marcos or the Shah of Iran. When we like dictators we call them Kings and Queens, when we don't like them we call them dictators.

I want to get back to the issue of China. Do you find it odd that we increased the outsourcing of jobs to China after they killed and jailed people in Tiananmen square. Heck, again, China is one of the most oppressive governments in the world; but, this is rarely discussed by the media. As far as being militaristic, when is the last time Cuba invaded anywhere? Now, when is the last time we invaded anywhere? I am not a Cuba supporter; but, I seriously question why we have this double standard in how we deal with Cuba (not at all) and how we deal with China (we send them millions of American jobs).

After World War II and the communists taking over China (killing over 60 million of their own people) we waited about 30 years before opening up relationships with China. At the time we were told that it had been to long, that we could not ignore the political reality of China being communist and about their important cultural history. It has been around 60 years since we broke relationship with Cuba, yet, none of the same arguments are made about that country. Why not? Why the hypocrisy and inconsistency?

Why do we give tax breaks to companies that outsource jobs to China and why do we allow the to export products to America when they have taxes on American products sold in China? If we do that with China then why do we not allow any exports from Cuba? Why is it that we hear so little about how China jails people for going to church or how they brutally kill and torture Tibetan monks? As you hear and read more and more about Cuba, I want my readers to ask the bigger questions.

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John Doyle said...

I wonder the same thing. Why does China get away with it. And I think we should trade with other countries no matter what. But we should be giving a tariff on all imports that make it so anything we produce here would be at the same price after the tariff.