Sunday, March 20, 2016

Violence at Trump Rallies and the Media Spin

There was a rally for Donald Trump in Tucson, Arizona at which a protester wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood was hit by a black Trump supporter. The media's take on it was that there was more violence at a Trump rally. Hmmm. Now Trump has been accused of being racist and having racist supporters, he has also been called upon by the media to disavow the KKK (something which he never supported in the first place or that would have come out). Why now ignore the part of the story about how the protestors are wearing klan hoods (this is not the first time). Are you really that surprised that a black man might find that offensive and hit the person wearing the hood?

YouTube Arizona Daily Star - This is how mainstream media reported what happened.

YouTube - The Daily Spectator. This is a little more information and you get to see what the man's friend in the above video was wearing, a Klan hood.

In the second video you hear Donald Trump say there is a disgusting man in a Klan hood. Does that sound like he supports the Klan? If he thinks the Klan is disgusting and says so at his rally, why doesn't that make the news?

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