Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Donald Trump and What's Going On

For the past few days I have been writing about some big picture stuff; but, I have also been collecting news articles to discuss. I may wait to publish until later tonight.

MSNBC - Top Arab-American city backs Jewish socialist, man for Muslim ban,  The problem with the media is that they actually believe their own spin on things. For the past 15 years the media has said that they do not understand why the Arab Muslims hate the United States. The Republican establishment claims it is because they hate our freedom. This is delusional. They hate us because we keep invading their countries, stealing their oil and bombing their families. It is not really that complicated. Why did Trump win the Arab vote when he wants to put a temporary ban on Muslims from the middle east until we can determine which ones might be terrorists? He won their vote because he doesn't want us to keep invading countries in Arabia. Pretty simple.

Reuters - Foreign diplomats voicing alarm to U.S. officials about Trump.  According to unnamed U.S. Officials, a number of foreign politicians have expressed concern about Trump because of his crudeness and distrust of Muslims. What is interesting to note is that the countries mentioned in the article are India, South Korea, Japan and Mexico. Lets think about that, the countries that we are outsourcing our jobs to don't like Trump. Maybe it has more to do with his wanting to charge them a tariff than it has to do with his style.

Huffington Post - An Open Letter To Non-Racist Donald Trump Supporters.  While I regularly read the Huffington Post, their bias in pretty well skewed. This is the site that posted articles about Trump's candidacy in the Entertainment section and regularly posts three or more articles a day attacking Trump and all of his supporters. The title of the post itself is disgusting as it suggests that most of Trumps supporters are racists and that is simply not true. I know because all of my friends except two are Trump supporters, the two others are liberals. I myself am more of a social democrat as my posts over these six years have clearly demonstrated. What is truly telling is that the Huffington Post is not read by most Trump supporters, they are much more likely to read the Drudge Report.

The Washington Post - How Donald Trump is ruining Paul Ryan’s speakership.  The fact is that Ryan is in trouble with the Republican voters because he oversaw a budget increase and more deficit spending and the voters hated that. The take away from this article is that Ryan wants to set the party platform at the convention and force Trump to agree to it. The establishment is looking for any way possible to steal the election or at least control the candidates policies. Anything to contradict the will of the people.

Yahoo - Trump’s bad logic on 'bad trade deals'.  Here is the first sentence from the article. "Somebody please tell Donald Trump: A trade deficit isn’t a loss. You could even argue it’s a gain." What sort of logic is that? Who thinks increasing our debt to foreign nations is a good thing? Let me reiterate what I discussed in my series on "What's Going On", they do not want us to get manufacturing back and will say anything to prevent it.

The Cheat Sheet - How America’s Middle Class Dug Its Own Grave.  I always enjoy these articles where the wealthy use the media establishment to blame the people for the things that were done to them. It was not the middle class that outsourced jobs to Communist China, they also did not cause the financial crisis, that was done by the banks.

YouTube - Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney awoke a sleeping giant. The average Republican is really mad at the party establishment and the attacks on Trump are really beginning to let them see how the party doesn't care what the voters want. Watch the video.

The New York Times - Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Trump.  The Republican voters, even those who do not like Trump, are getting madder and madder at their party "leaders" for ignoring the voters. This is a party who is committing suicide to protect the interests of the wealthy in the party at the expense of the workers.

Fox - Hucakbee: The establishment has ruined this country.  I highly recommend you watch the video. It is a former Republican governor who is explaining that his party does not represent the voters.

Newsmax - 22 Republicans Declare Their Non-Support for Trump.  Well, they can kiss their next election goodbye. You cannot say that you will not support your parties nominee against Clinton and expect to then get the support of Trump supporters in your own election.

Follow Up - What's Going On series.

As the above articles show, the establishment (donor class, wealthy people) are getting hysterical over the voters supporting Donald Trump. They fear him because he disagrees with sending jobs overseas and with them getting tax breaks at the expense of the middle class.

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