Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's Going on - Part 4 - What Are The Options?

The Pimpernel does not deal in fantasy nor delusion. Neither has any value in my world. In business I was paid to analyze what was going on and determine the best cause of action and that is what I did. In reading what I have written in the past 3 parts you may ask yourself how can we stop this from happening and the truth is, we cannot stop the reason behind all of this. The truth is that with the current changes in technology we will no longer need manual laborers as much, we also will not need their supervisors or all of the infrastructure that goes into having employees.

I want you to go back and read the Rockefeller Commission report that is linked to on the third paragraph of Part 1. Whether you believe in the concept of overpopulation or not, they believe in it and they drew up a plan for dealing with having more people than were needed. Guess what, we have more people than are needed to provide the wealthy with wealth. Those who are not adding to the wealth of society, those who do not have a job, are by definition, unnecessary for society to function. What do we do when half of the population is unnecessary for society to prosper? That is a tough question for many people to determine. The answer depends on your love for others.

Now let me tie it into this election cycle. Trump would try to expose the part of the game he understands and bring jobs back. He is a nationalist and is for the middle class. He also believes this can all be stopped. His heart may be in the right place; but, this cannot be stopped. We may be able to slow it down; but, we cannot stop it. Sanders wants to guarantee everyone a livable life even if they do not have a job, he wants to share a part of the wealth of this nation with all of it's people. I regret to say that his answer will not work forever either. Bill Gates's answer is that if we improve the healthy of people in the third world, they will have fewer children. This is actually true because people in countries where the children are more likely to die young are more likely to have more children to make up for the death rate. Reducing the population by convincing people to have fewer children will not solve the problem either; but, again it will delay things for longer. In the end with technology advancing as it is there will come a time where very few people will be needed to run and fix all of the necessary farming and industry. That my dear readers is just a fact.

In the last 15 years there have been a few movies asking what would happen if a giant asteroid were headed to earth and would kill everyone. The movies ask the question of how people would respond and what the governments would do and if they would warn people. That comet exists in the real form of a changing world where human labor is no longer needed. Ayn Rand believed most people were unnecessary and dragged down the useful in society. She is accepted by many conservatives as a God, Greenspan was one of her groupies as are many Republican politicians. The wealthy do not wish to share with people that do not benefit them economically or socially or aesthetically or to put it bluntly, people that do not benefit them at all by their mere existence. That is why Mitt Romney said he would not represent 47% of the citizens of this country when he was running for President. Heck, he told the truth. His backers do not care about people that do not benefit them directly.

My dear readers, what I have written is the truth and given a little time you will come to realize it. Sorry. Here is the truth, we cannot go back and un-create computers, robotics or the wheel. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber was a genius and a Professor at Harvard before he could legally drink alcohol. He saw what technology would do; but, he thought he could stop it by blowing up people. He was a modern day Luddite (they tried to stop the industrial revolution and failed badly). Reality says that any technology we discover will be exploited as much as we can, that is just human nature. Well, we won't need many people to run the world in the future and if all you have to offer is showing up or physical abilities, you are going to no longer be needed and will be very easily replaced. How do we deal with that? You may just now be getting the bigger picture. The truth is that the think tanks have known this for decades and have planned for it. What plan do you think they have made? It is in part 1 of this series of posts. It is the link in the third paragraph of Part 1, the link to the published plan that describes where they want the world to go. It was commissioned by the President of the United States.

I like my readers. Heck, I love my friends and family. I have the best friends in the world, friends that would give of the little they have to take care of me. My friends kept me alive and gave me hope when the Pimpernel's world turned to nothing but pain. Do you really think I like telling you all what is coming in these posts? I do not because there are very few options and in cannot be stopped. China did not screw America, they were taken advantage of by the wealthy here. Again, it is pretty simple. China is now the manufacturer for the world and they are going to automate all the factories, it has already begun. What do they do with over a billion people and no jobs for workers? Think about it. We have been transitioning for 40 years to a nation without that type of labor. In truth, we have replaced many of those manual labor jobs with technology jobs. We are certainly further along at the transition that are the newly industrialized countries. China will not know what to do when it has a billion unemployed people because their industries have all been automated and the citizens have to live with pollution and a very minimal existence. The problem for me is that I do understand the plan and see some logic behind it; but, I think we can do better. What do you think? Assume all 4 of these posts are accurate, make a game of it, if you watch zombie films you ask yourself what if scenarios, if my analysis is right, what do you recommend? I think we need to have everybody at least ask the question. The people that own the world don't believe in sharing the question or their solution with you.


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