Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chicago Trump Rally Disruption and a Thanks to the Secret Service.

Last night a Trump rally was disrupted by a group of people who did not wish the man to speak; but, you have to know there is more to the story. Lets start with this, the protest was not spontaneous, in fact, it was planned and funded. That alone should disturb all of us. Elections are about hearing all the different voices and choosing who we want. Secondly, stopping a rally does not stop the message from getting out, we live in an age of television and the internet and candidates get more listeners by having an interview in a television studio than at rallies. So why did these people choose to try and stop the rally?

Lets look at the rally's to get a feel for why they upset people. Trump and Sanders have had enormous rallies compared to the other candidates, people are coming out by the thousands to see them and hear them, people are excited by the two candidates in a way that we have not seen in decades. Seeing the exceptionally large crowds at Trump rallies highlights how popular his message is with certain people and that is seen by the rest of the public on television. The establishment is scared that the people will see that they can work together against what is going on in this country and that scares them.

What would the response of the media be if the tens of thousands of Trump supporters who show up for his rallies shut down a rally by Sanders or one of the other candidates? I am pretty sure that the media would use it to demonize Trump supporters; but, when people prevent Trump supporters from attending his rallies the media says it is Trumps fault. That is hypocritical and wrong. It is however not surprising or unexpected. We need to ask ourselves what led up to this protest.

Breitbart - HuffPo’s Grim: 54 Private Jets at Meeting to Stop Trump. Here is the opening paragraph from the article, "Huffington Post reporter Ryan Grim told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday that “something like 54 private jets” had arrived at an elite meeting of tech CEOs, GOP party insiders and big donors set on stopping Donald Trump before he wins the Republican nomination." It should be noted that the meeting included some Democratic politicians too. Why would tech people get together to stop Trump? Could it be because he wants them to make their products here and not in China? Could they have an economic interest, I mean obviously they are very wealthy as seen by the fact that they all flew in on private jets.

While the media attempted to claim that these protests are spontaneous, the reality is that they were organized over the internet. The fact is that has taken credit for stopping the rally. In truth since Trump has been seeing larger and larger crowds there has been a continual effort to disrupt his rallies with people getting tickets and then protesting inside the rallies, that does not seem very democratic does it? When disrupters have been removed from the rallies by security and the police, they are not condemned by the media. A press that claims to believe in freedom of speech seems quite content when Trump and his supporters have their freedom of speech disrupted. Does the media accuse the protestors of being "low information" or "racist", nope.

I have been very clear in my support for Sanders and for the Occupy movement over the years. Today I am disappointed in Sanders and that makes me sad. He blamed Trump for the disruptions following the lead of Clinton, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich. I expected better of him, I expected nothing different from the others. I will be truly disappointed if I were to learn that some of the protestors had been part of the Occupy movement as this is similar to how their voices were quieted and how they were removed from public places for voicing their concerns.

While I generally support protests, I do not respect disruptive protest. I do not see this as an attack against Trump, I see it as an attack against the democratic process and you should too no matter who you support. The Pimpernel would never call for disruptive protests against anyone running for office, it is just wrong. It is also the last ditch effort to subvert the election before the convention and will fail. The truth is that it will only solidify and give more support to Trump. People do not like being told who they can listen to or support and the establishment and his protestors are both attempting to do that. Once it has shown to be failed because of Trump's increasing his polling numbers, they will take a new track and the only one left to them is to attempt to eliminate Trump and that is not surprising. The establishment would rather see riots in the street than their control over the political system challenged, that is why a number of top Republicans have said that they would vote for Clinton over Trump. Today Rubio has basically said the same thing and that spells the end of his political career.


I have to add something to what I wrote. I have been watching and reading media from all different perspectives and I keep seeing the same words used at his rallies. They say that Trump needs to tone down his message, that is nonsense. The people protesting him did not do it because protestors were kicked out of Trumps rallies, that is just silly. If they are protesting because he wants tighter controls over immigration then we have a real problem. Every nation has the right to decide who can come there. In truth I do not believe that is what is behind all of this. In fact, I disagree with the description of the protest being "violent", there were (it was estimated at the time) a couple of thousand protestors and well over 15,000 Trump supporters. While a very few of the protestors started fights (five were arrested), the fact of the matter is that a riot did not break out and the vast majority of protestors and supporters were peaceful. To demonize the vast majority of either side for the actions of a very few is propaganda.


Today at a rally a protestor rushed the stage and tried to reach Trump, he was stopped by Secret Service agents. If you watch the video you will see four Secret Service agents basically surrounding Trump to protect him. You really have to admire the Secret Service agents who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect our candidates so that you and I can decide who we want, they are not just protecting Trump or the other candidates, they are risking their lives for our freedom to choose who becomes President and then they continue to protect the eventual winner while he is in office. I tip my hat to all of the Secret Service members.

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