Sunday, March 13, 2016

Quantitative Easing Stealing From the Middle Class

I recently read an article in a financial magazine. It blamed the central banks for making the rich richer and the rest of us poorer because of Quantitative Easing (the over printing of money by the Federal Reserve). It then accuses the people behind it, the ones controlling the central banks (like the Federal Reserve) of being stupid and not learning from past mistakes. The article is wrong, the people that are printing the money intend to only benefit the wealthy. That has always been their intent and that is why Andrew Jackson sought to eliminate the precursor to the Federal Reserve. He said that governments did not need to borrow money from private bankers and he was correct.

Let me really simplify this. Wages have not gone up in the last ten years or so. During that same time the taxes on the wealthy have gone down about 50% (really). That means that the middle class is paying more as a percentage of their income than the wealthy. Those tax breaks were made on the promise that the wealthy would create more jobs in America, they did not, they increased outsourcing to China. Quantitative Easing, the lowering of interest rates by the overproduction of money will mean that the middle class pays the debt disproportionately to the wealthy. It was meant to steal money from the middle class and leave us with the debt. It is the final plundering of the American worker.

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