Monday, March 14, 2016

What Is Truly at Stake in This Election

Since the beginning of this election I have consistently sided with Sanders and Trump against the establishment . I see the fight being over whether or not this country will be an oligarchy or a democracy.  Ever since the 1970s we have been moving in the direction of an oligarchy where a very few pay for and control the elections and the politicians that they control. Ever since then we have seen our Presidential elections come down to a choice between the lesser of two evils who promise to improve the situation for the middle class and then don't. The political class at the behest of the wealthy have sold out the workers by outsourcing jobs and increasing taxes on the poor and middle class while giving tax breaks to the wealthy.

Lets face the simple fact a vote for any candidate who has a super-pac is a vote for oligarchy while the voices of the rest of us are drowned out and ridiculed by the establishment. If you don't understand that, then you are not paying attention. I have many Republican friends and none of them are racist; but, they all support Trump. We talk about this election everytime we get together. While the fight over oligarchy is rarely discussed in the media, when it is it is in favor of oligarchy. Think about this, the media is ridiculing the voters and not just the candidates. In a very recent post I linked to articles in respected news media that have flat out said that democracy is a bad thing. A bad thing for who? A bad thing for those in power.

Do you really think Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Kasich is going to strengthen the middle class? Do you really believe they will respond to the needs of the majority of us? Let us first consider Kasich, he is in favor of giving amnesty to all illegal aliens already in this country, giving out millions of guest worker visas which will result in fewer jobs for Americans. Who does that benefit, the middle class or the wealthy? As for Marco Rubio, he supported the exact same things, doesn't that bother you. Cruz has favored guest worker programs in the past; but, now is calling for a wall to be built and tripling the size of the border patrol. The issue was originally raised by Trump in this election, you have to ask yourself why the others didn't raise it. I in fact raised this issue on this blog years ago, long before this election when congress was discussing denying citizenship to people who were born here, I vehemently disagreed with that plan. If you are born in America you are a citizen and should have the same rights as any other citizen, period.

As for Hillary Clinton, this is what she said, "'But the vast majority of the people who are here, we will give you a path to legalization if you meet the following conditions: pay a fine because you entered illegally, be willing to pay back taxes over time, try to learn English - and we have to help you do that because we've cut back on so many of our services - and then you wait in line.'" I hate to point this out but there a millions of legal American citizens that can either barely speak English or cannot speak it at all. In places that used to be part of Mexico such as Texas, Nevada, Arizona and California there are many places where the people still speak Spanish and there is nothing wrong with that.

Trump's policy is fairly clear, he wants to keep illegal immigrants out and while he says he would deport all people who entered the country illegally that will not be possible. An honest discussion over illegal immigration would block more illegal immigrants and grant amnesty to certain illegals; but, there would have to be a criteria. If it is automatic and the borders are not secure we will see a flood of new illegal immigrants trying to beat the deadline. That is just common sense.

In a democracy the people decide the immigration policy and not just the wealthy who want cheap labor at the expense of the citizens. In a democracy the majority decide on trade policy and tax policies; but, that is not happening. The establishment backs plans for accepting millions of illegal immigrants as a way to further lower wages while claiming to believe in overpopulation and a need to reduce our nations "carbon footprint". If we are truly overpopulated and want to reduce our nations carbon emissions, how does letting in millions of new people meet those goals? In particular why would support this agenda if you know we are losing jobs? That is the real issue and that is why the donor class is fighting the idea of the middle class choosing someone who disagrees with them.

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