Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rubio and the Republican Party Don't Think Voters Should Choose the Nominee

So Marco Rubio has come out and said that his supporters in Ohio should vote for Kasich. He has told his own supporters to not vote for who they want even if they want him. The whole purpose of the primaries is to find out who the voters want; but, as far as Rubio and the establishment is concerned they don't want to know who the voters want. Think about that.

As for Ted Cruz, he doesn't respect the voters either. Cruz has called Trump supporters "low information" which is to say that he believes half of the Republican party voters are idiots. Sarah Palin called him on this in a Facebook Post. Sarah Palin - GOP Majority Voters in Primary are Wayyyyyy Beneath Cruz, So Says Cruz.  Even Fox News took Cruz to task for this. Fox - Cruz says Trump backers have 'relatively low information,' not very 'engaged'

Breitbart - HuffPo’s Grim: 54 Private Jets at Meeting to Stop Trump.  Politicians of both party and billionaires got together to figure out how to ignore the will of the voters. These things should bother you even if you dislike Trump.

YouTube - How the Elite Control the World: The Rich Getting Richer, the Upper Class & Money in America (1996).  This is a video that is really worth watching. It is about the attitude of globalism rather than nationalism in the wealthy of today.

The New York Times - The Party Still Decides.  Here is a line from the article, "The less-than-democratic side of party nominations is a virtue of our system, not a flaw, and it has often been a necessary check on the passions (Trumpian or otherwise) that mass democracy constantly threatens to unleash."

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