Saturday, March 12, 2016

And Washington D.C. Repubicans Vote For Rubio. Here is Why.

Washington D.C. holds it's own Republican caucus. This is okay; but, they also get as many votes as the whole state of Hawaii. In D.C. the Republicans make up only about 6% of the total population. In fact there are only a few thousand Republican voters in the whole city. Politicians and lobbyists and most of the government workers live outside of D.C. in places like Virginia which holds it's own primary.

The Republicans in the primary vote in Washington D.C. are probably mostly very low level civil servants who support the system that employs them. They support the establishment and their votes are in. The establishment lackeys who cannot afford to live outside of Washington D.C. voted for the winner, Marco Rubio. Yep, he got a whopping 1,059 votes which gave him 37% of all the votes. Kasich came in second with 1009 votes or 36% of the vote. Trump came in 3rd with 391 or 14% of the votes and Cruz came in last with 351 or 12% of the votes. The really sad thing is that they get as many delegates at the convention as does Hawaii which has a heck of a lot more voters. The fact of the matter is that some states get more delegates than they should not because of the states population or even the number of Republicans in the state; but, instead because of the number of establishment Republicans in the states. It is non-representative primaries that bother me. I don't like anyone's vote being watered down so that insiders can have an advantage.

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