Monday, March 14, 2016

Why Liberals Should Be Okay With Sanders or Trump and Why Conservatives Should Be Too.

This blog publicly supported the Occupy Movement from the beginning. If you have been a regular reader than you may recall that I changed the title for a bit to "Occupy the Truth is Inside You". I also supported the Tea Party Movement mostly, I just thought they would be co-opted and focused to much on Gay Marriage. I have written that if Americans could find a way to bring the two movements together that we could do great things and stop the selling out of America.

We are divided over personal choices in lifestyle by the media rather than over economic and American interests. Tonight I want to discuss why and in which situation I would expect true liberals to vote for Trump and true conservatives to vote for Sanders. In a way the reason is the same for both sides.

To liberals I ask a couple of very simple questions. Liberals and conservatives are not that different. Most liberals want to see Americans do well and have good jobs, most conservatives feel the exact same way. Where they disagree tends to be over personal freedoms like the freedom to control one's body and have an abortion or smoke marijuana or have gay sex. No liberal voter or conservative voter would call for sending more American jobs overseas. No liberal or conservative voter would call for giving tax breaks to the corporations that outsource jobs. If you are liberal then you should know that the Democratic party has gone along with giving the wealthy tax breaks for outsourcing jobs to China. I know the Sanders supporters know this. Guess what, Hillary would continue what has been going on, she is owned by the big donors.

As for my conservative friends, if it comes down to Sanders versus Rubio or Kasich or even Cruz then you should vote for Sanders. You thought that trickle down economics would work; but, even Morning Joe had to admit that it has not, it has only led to more job losses. Remember when you were told that giving the wealthy tax breaks would increase jobs here? I think it is fairly clear that it did not.

On economic issues conservatives and liberals want the same thing, they want good jobs for Americans. The battle has never been between conservatives and liberal middle class workers, it is between the interests of the middle class and the wealthy. Since society split into the have and have not's it has been the most important battle except the middle class didn't know that, they believed the "establishment" and or so called "leaders" cared about the average citizen. They never did, this election is just highlighting that.

Breitbart - Huffington Post - HuffPo’s Grim: 54 Private Jets at Meeting to Stop Trump.  If you are a Sanders supporter and he loses to Hillary because the party elite steal the election with the super-delegates.

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