Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why Do We Pay For Non-Democratic and Non-Representative Primaries

We are constantly told and were taught in school that we live in a Democracy. We do not. The Constitution says we live in a Representative Democracy. We do not. Your choices are determined by a small group of wealthy people. It is only representative of their vote. If you think I am wrong, consider what is being discussed, finally, by the media. Lets look at the two major parties.

The Democratic party is not democratic, if you want proof consider the "Superdelegates", one third of the delegates that will actually choose the nominee are not selected by the voters they are chosen by the wealthy that control the party and vote as they are told to by that small group of people. This is why even though Bernie Sanders won the vote in election in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton was given more delegates than he got.

Now lets look at the Republican party, same thing different approach. Watch this.

Here is the statement from this Republican establishment representative, "The media has created the perception that the voters will decide the nominee." He then says that, "Political parties choose the nominee, not the general public."

Look, I stopped voting years ago. I stopped voting because of how the party system has been corrupted to limit our choices. I am voting in this election for the candidate who is less controlled by the media and the oligarchs that run this country. The truth is that Bush was a puppet, Clinton was a puppet and Obama is a puppet. I will not vote for puppets or support the oligarchs control over the political process.

Consider the billionaire who a year or so ago said that he believed that millionaires votes should count more than the vote of average people. If you forgot or were not paying attention, I will play the clip.

Specifically, this man said that if you paid a million dollars in taxes then you should get a million votes. He doesn't believe the votes of the rest of us should count. Oligarchs do not like democracy and they have been actively subverting it and the people have gone along with it.

If you think the media which is owned by these people believe in democracy or representational democracy, guess again and consider how most in the media want to see the Republican party ignore the wishes of the voters who support Trump. The conversation in the media, for the most part, is over how the oligarchs can change the rules of the Republican convention to pick the nominee if the voters support Trump or Cruz, which 80% of the voters do.

Here is an example of how the  media itself is against democracy. The Washington Post - To defend our democracy against Trump, the GOP must aim for a brokered convention.  Just think about what they are saying, to defend democracy we must stop democracy, we must violate the will of the voters behind the scenes in secret. Here is another example, Fox News - The new battle cry: Why can't the media 'stop' Trump? 

How anti-democratic is the media. Try reading this article. The Washington Post - The electoral college could still stop Trump, even if he wins the popular vote.  Here is the sub title, "Maybe — just this once — state legislators should use their constitutional authority and change how we elect the president." Yes, the Washington Post is seriously claiming that governors should choose people for the electoral college (the people who actually vote for their state's voters in the Presidential election) to pick people to vote against the will of the states voters.

It is not surprising to me that we live in a undemocratic society, what surprises me is that it has taken so long for the public to wake up to this fact.


This is a couple of days after writing this particular post. I just read another article promoting the idea of violating the Constitutional intent behind the electoral college. I will comment on in later. I have decided to write some non-Presidential race stuff first.  I will say this much, many Republicans are refusing to do their job of advise and consent regarding Obama's nominee for the Supreme court. They claim to want a strict construction of the constitution and at the same time they are promoting voiding the voters choice in the primaries and are now considering using a new interpretation regarding the electoral college. It doesn't seem very consistent. Knowing the Democrat establishment they will ridicule the Republican parties efforts to ignore their voters and support having governors appoint people as delegates to the electoral college. I guess a Republican governor would appoint only Democratic delegates even if a Republican won the states votes and the Republicans would do the same. The party elites really don't like voters deciding anything.


Anonymous said...

Fasten your seat belts folks, its going to be a bumpy ride...keep your loved ones close and your powder dry.

Pimpernel said...

Dear Anonymous 3/18/16,

As a lousy preacher and a lousy pacifist, I would pray that no matter what happens, peace reigns. I point out what is going on; but, my answer to the problems is to have more faith in God.