Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Death of the Republican Party and Who is to Blame - It Isn't Trump

The media and the establishment are blaming Trump, gay marriage and abortion for the death of the Republican party, it is a cynical lie, a denial of the truth. Trump is not killing the Republican party, if he was not in the race Cruz would have 70%+ of the vote, Trumps supporters are not going to suddenly switch to Kasich if Trump fails and Cruz's supporters will not support Kasich.  They both represent the middle class and working class, not the moneyed donors. People are not voting for Trump because he is not anti-gay, he is not running as an evangelical; but, Cruz is, yet he is still running against the establishment. This election for Republicans IS about changing the policies that only benefit the establishment and not working Americans.

Rubio and Kasich were the last of the establishment guys. Cruz is anti-establishment and his voters are to. If it comes down to a brokered election, Cruz's delegates will go for Trump. If the convention is brokered, it still goes to Trump. Cruz cannot effectively tell his people to support the establishment candidate, they will ignore him. There is no convention where Trump or Cruz's delegates vote for either Bush, Rubio or Romney. It will not happen.

The party establishment could regain control, it is very simple, they only need to put the needs and wishes of the majority of Republicans (workers and small business) above the wishes of the cleptokratic donors who only want tax breaks for themselves and to outsource jobs.

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