Sunday, April 24, 2016

Obama Did Exactly What I Said He Would - Globalist

If you read the time stamp on the last post you will see I wrote it and posted it prior to President Obama landed in Britain and he said exactly what I said he would, that he didn't think Britain should leave the European Union. Some of my friends knew that was what was going to happen even before they really understood what the EU was or what the Brexit was. This is not my way of saying "I told you so". It is about something bigger. The discussion in Britain is now over whether or not Obama should have said anything. In the same way that I knew what the British response would be, he did too. He has lots of political advisers and was working with their Prime Minister on what his message would be. One would have to be a complete idiot to think that I foresaw this and the whole Obama administration did not, I'm just not that good, merely trained. The expected response occurred and the conversation in England is following the expected path.

By the way, Obama threatened the UK. In his speech he said that the United States was working on a trade agreement with the EU and that if Britain left the EU it would be years before we would get around to having a trade agreement with Britain. Here is the speech:

YouTube - US Pres. Obama threatens British if they vote for Brexit (22Apr16).

What if the Prime Minister of Canada came over here and told us it was in our best interest to join the EU and allow half of all our laws to be legislated by the United Nations and that we had to have open borders. Would you feel that was overstepping?

And where did Obama go after leaving Britain, he went to Germany to discuss this EU - America trade treaty. MSN - Associated Press - Obama to use Germany visit to push trans-Atlantic trade deal .

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