Thursday, April 21, 2016

Brexit and Obama the Globalist

Recently I wrote a post about Britain voting to leave or stay within the European Union. As I am not a member or a European Union nation, I did not feel it necessary to give my opinion on the matter, only to make sure my readers were aware of the situation. I think far to few Americans have any idea of what is going on in Europe.

Well, President Obama is going to England and it has been said that if he is asked he will say that Britain should stay in the EU. If I were a British citizen I would vote to leave the EU. I have heard and read all sides and I find it anti-democratic to be in the EU where unelected representatives write the laws for 500 million people. Consider how the wealthy control our politicians in America, well, the globalists control the EU except they don't get to vote on the people writing the laws. This country fought over the freedom to write our own laws, I still believe in that.

Ignoring my reasons, one should ask themselves this fundamental question. Why would Obama go to England to promote them staying in the EU. What business is it of ours? Britain is a member of NATO, the United Nations, the G7 and represents itself directly with America in most areas. Further, America, Australia, Canada and Britain have a special relationship that is far more binding than our relationship with Europe as a whole. I do not believe that most Americans know about this coming vote in England and I am quite sure that most do not care because it is none of our business. So, I ask my readers again, why is Obama going to promote England staying in the EU, how does he see this as benefitting American interests? He doesn't because it doesn't, it benefits globalist interests. It benefits international businesses, not workers, not citizens, not democracy, not freedom, it supports oligarchy and anti-democracy. Here is a fun article and video.

FoxNews - 'Monstrous interference': UK pols furious at Obama's plan to intervene in EU debate

The above video is from YouTube and is titled, "Question Time - USA Threatening The UK Over Leaving the EU". Question time is a British show where political people are asked questions by average citizens.

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