Thursday, May 5, 2016

Clinton's Server and National Security

I have to admit that I did not much care that Hillary Clinton used her personal e-mail to receive government e-mails. I am changing my mind about that. It turns out that she did receive top secret information to that account and that the account was on a personal server. That is a problem; but, the bigger problem is that it now appears that the account was hacked. A jailed hacker named "Gucifer" has said that he hacked the server and read what was on it. He is now being sent here to testify from an Eastern European prison. Now we can debate how important what she did was or not; but, the government is taking it seriously.

Here is what this comes down to. If she is indicted, her campaign cannot possibly win. If she is pardoned, her political career is OVER. If any of that happens there is no way for her to continue running for President and Sanders becomes the only candidate left. The party will not support Sanders and neither will the establishment donors. You may actually see the Democratic party freak out even more than the Republican party did over Trump winning. I personally do not believe the Democrats would allow Sanders to be their candidate and their super-delegates and Hillary's delegates will pick another candidate to represent them. 

If Hillary is charged then we could see a Trump Sanders general election. I did not consider this to be a real threat to Hillary; but, now I think it just might be. I did not really spend anytime discussing it before; but, I will be keeping a better eye on it from now on. This is the most fascinating race ever.

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