Friday, May 6, 2016

The Republican Pledge as Worthless As Them

Do you remember the first Republican debate? That is the one that began with moderator asking all the candidates if they would commit to supporting whoever the eventual nominee would be. They all said yes except Trump. Well, now that Trump has won, turns out many of them lied. Jeb Bush lied, he now says he will not support Trump. The Republicans that made such a big deal about Trump not making the pledge at the debate (though he later signed the pledge), haven't kept their pledges.

I want you to think about that. How can you possibly trust any of the people who made that pledge and/or insisted on it? This has relevance to another issue. The Republican establishment is now saying that it is up to Trump to make up with them by letting them tell Trump what his policies should be. Guess what, that is going to backfire. The Trump supporters will vote against the people who reject Trump. We might actually see Paul Ryan lose his speakership. To think that people will vote for a Republican that votes for Hillary is insanity.

The fact that Trump has won more votes than any other Republican in the history of the primaries should scare these idiots. While you may or may not like Trump, he has struck a cord with the middle and working class and if they go against Trump, they are going against their base. Whether Trump wins or not, those who are Republicans and go against him will lose a lot of votes.

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