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The Future for Europe is Muslim. What Does that Mean for the United States?

I am going to discuss the Islamification of Europe tonight. Now, that is not quite accurate, it is about the Arab Islamification of Europe, there is a difference. Firstly, and I always try and get people to understand this, there are more Asian Muslims than Arabs. For some reason Americans seem to think that all Muslims are Arab, they are not. We don't talk about Asian Muslims in Russia, China, India or Southeast Asia. They don't come up because we are not bombing their countries.

This post is not so much about their religion or what they believe as it is about what Europe will be like in the future and what that might mean for America. While some of what I am going to show today may shock you, get beyond the shock and head directly to acceptance that this is what is going to happen.

Lets start with the population of Europe. While I wrote about this a long time ago, I am going to focus more on the changing demographic and less on the simple fact. The simple fact is that the west no longer produces enough children to maintain our populations or cultures. YouTube - World Population and Muslim Demographics.  If you watch the video you will learn the numbers, by 2050 most of Europe will be Muslim and of Arab decent. As I used to say in business, this is not a debate, it is just numbers. Right now it is estimated that 90% of the immigration to Europe is Muslim. You can think this is good, bad or be indifferent. If you don't recognize it though, you will fail to deal with the question of what it will mean for our relations with Europe and how it may affect geopolitical issues.

I was first exposed to this fact back in the early 1980s by one of my professors who was an expert on Russia and a consultant to them when they were still the Soviet Union. It is also one of the major reasons that the Soviet Union gave away Eastern Europe, they moved many of their own Muslims there first as if they had not, they would already be primarily Muslim and that did not set well with the Atheistic Communists.

So, what effects is this changing demographic having in Europe. Well lets start with this. YouTube - What Normal Muslims Think - And Europe Fails to Understand.  The video is only about three minutes long; but, I would rather you watch it then read my description.

YouTube - 'Sharia Patrols' Harassing Citizens in London, Belgium, Sweden. This video is from a 60 Minutes episode.

YouTube - Secrets Of Britain s Sharia Councils BBC Documentary.  This is from Panorama, a British investigative news show.  It is about how their is an Islamic court system that follows Sharia law working in Britain.

YouTube - Panorama: British Schools Islamic Rules. I highly recommend you watch the whole video so that you will understand what Europe will look like in the next couple of decades and what the new Europeans are teaching their children.

Now if you bothered watching the videos you might be pretty shocked right now and I understand that, Americans do not pay enough attention to what goes on in the rest of the world. It really doesn't matter because the numbers are the numbers and this is where Europe is headed. When the majority of people in Europe are Muslims of Arab decent do not expect Europe to have the same culture or beliefs as it had in the past. If you need a historical comparison, think of when the Europeans took over the Americas and killed and controlled the native people. What we are seeing is the beginning of a cultural shift, of a new Europe. Oh, and by the way, the new Europe will have all it's laws written by the European Union, not individual nations. Currently the EU writes 50% of the laws for European nations.

So, what can we expect our relationship with England to be when it is 50% Muslim? You think we will continue to be best friends or that they will support us in protecting the right of Israel to exist? How will you feel knowing that Britain and France which have many nuclear bombs is Muslim of Arab decent.

Some may think what I am writing is alarmist because it alarms them. Alarmism is used to motivate people to avoid something they fear, this is unavoidable, it is just numbers and those don't get scared and these numbers will not change. Germans, Italians, French and English people are not going to start having 8 kids per family. Imagine Americans suddenly seeing the majority of families having 8 kids. Not going to happen.

So, what happens when Europe is Muslim of Arab decent? I say of Arab decent because Asian Muslims don't blow themselves up in Israel, England, Europe or America. People like me who are planners ask themselves these questions. We prepare contingency plans. The U.S. government actually had contingency plans for invading Canada. That is documented and the British and Canadians knew it, cause they had contingency plans for dealing with it. The British plan was to do nothing because they determined there was nothing they could do. We are in the same position, there is nothing we can do to stop the changes that are coming and to tell the truth, neither does Europe.

From a business standpoint, how should we prepare for the change in Europe? I do not care what restroom Caitlyn Jenner uses, I do not care that gay people live together as spouses, I do not believe I have the right to tell another person what to do with their body even if it means that they might have an abortion, I do not care about people eating pork (personally I love pork), I don't care if blacks and whites have sex or not, I do not care what you think about tattoos, I do not care what you think about body piercings, I do not care about things that are personal choices that do not harm anyone but themselves. I have a strong Libertarian streak; but, I am more complex than the simplicity of Libertarianism. I am a realist and a nationalist, I believe in communities attracting similar beliefs and people that are free to switch communities for ones where they feel in agreement. It is not the belief of a community; but, the tolerance of freedom of belief in the community that defines it for me.

I have been told all my life that the person I am most like in my family was my great grandfather, my grandmother even said that. He was very politically interested and had been in the very early Irish Republican Army (it had a different name at the time). I never met the man, I do know that he told my father that when the Arabs and Chinese united, it would be a whole new world and not a good one for America. At the time, we had total control over Arabia and China was a joke and exported nothing, My great grandfather saw something different coming and he was right. What happens when China is the only manufacturing country and Europe is Muslim?

A lot has been said about the Irish, we have been stereotyped in so many ways. When people meet me they often assume that I am Jewish because I am well educated and urban. I find it funny because my name is as Irish as they get. My look is similar to that of Bono, blue eyes, had jet black hair and my skin is as white as it gets. Having said all that, it is true that when my great grandfather was growing up in Ireland, they had a pub society where people would go to the pubs to socialize and talk politics. The Irish in my great grandfather's day were know to talk about race, religion and politics in the pubs. That is how he grew up and the conversations were deep and probing into these issues. I don't think he ever thought the Muslims would overtake Europe; but, he knew that their beliefs and the beliefs of the Chinese combining would be a problem for others. Okay, not their beliefs their interests. All nations act on their interests or commit suicide.

So here is the point of the post. How should we deal with Europe and the European Union when it is controlled by Muslims? Alarmists and Idiots ignore the numbers and facts to their own detriment. The people who insisted that Trump would not win the Republican primaries are idiots and he is now the presumptive nominee. He will be the nominee unless someone kills him and then we will see an ever stronger reaction by the forces supporting him and possibly civil disturbance.

We have time to figure out how we will deal with these things in the future, here is no extreme rush and as the years travel forward, the numbers will be understood by more and more people, I am just giving my readers a heads up and the questions they will be asking themselves later to them now. Have a great week.

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