Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trump and Media Manipulation

YouTube - Britain Might Leave the European Union: A Closer Look.  I want you to go to 1:43 seconds into the video and listen to what Mr. Seth Meyers says, he said that the Prime Minister of England should not allow the people of Britain to vote on whether or not to remain in the European Union because when you put things to a popular vote, crazy shit happens. How do you feel about that, about the anti-democracy opinion pushed by the establishment?

YouTube - Polls: Trump Closing In On Hillary.  Go to 8:15 in the video. Here is a guy that hates Republicans saying that Trump could win the election in all the swing states.

YouTube - Trump Isn't Conservative Enough For Wall St. Journal... Hillary Is.  This is the same guy as in the video above; but, a few days later and a different issue. He discusses how the thing the Establishment want is for Hillary to win over Trump because the establishment doesn't know whether or not Trump will increase taxes on the wealthy and they know Hillary will work to reduce their taxes.

YouTube - Anti-Trump GOPers Consider Trick Shot Strategy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC.  Ms. Maddow discusses how certain establishment Republicans believe they have found a way to deny either Clinton or Trump the white house by having each state pit their favorite politician against Trump and throw the decision on who becomes President out of the electoral college and into the House of Representatives.  The wealthy and powerful do not believe in Democracy. Go back and re-read the first paragraph and watch the video. The House of Representatives has about a 10% approval rating, they are not trusted by 90% of the people and the grand plan to stop Trump or Clinton from winning, mostly to stop Trump, is to take the vote away from the people and even from the electoral college which can only represent the votes of the people. Is anyone dumb enough to believe that the establishments extreme attempts to stop Trump are because he wants to keep out illegal aliens? It is about money, it is about taxes and trade. Follow the money. Don't allow your emotions to be used to guide you or you biases. Follow the money.

After this election is done and a president has been chosen, go back and study how the press reported it. I studied propaganda, mind control and hypnosis. I read about subliminal messaging when I was 12 (see "Subliminal Seduction", just go to google or yahoo or bing, it was a book). I grew up in Los Angeles with people in the business (refers to the entertainment and media industry).  In my whole life I have NEVER seen the amount of propaganda and manipulation that I have seen by the Republicans or anyone against their own nominee. Love Trump, hate Trump, it doesn't matter if you don't learn something when this election is over.

If you are so pig headed that you hate Trump and are glad that people are being used to vote against him then you are condoning that approach being used on you again to sway you the other way. When this election is over, the outcome will be irrelevant; but, the process and how the media was used by six companies to try and effect the outcome will be obvious. Just go back when this election and look at the story arc and how the media acted, the media that is controlled by six people in the whole world, the heads of the six companies that own 90% of all the media in the world.

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