Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Brexit and U.S. Media Propaganda

There is a show on HBO with a man named John Oliver called "Last Week Tonight". It plays on Sundays late at night and then posts clips. They posted one tonight about the "Brexit" and I wrote about this issue weeks ago. Mr. Oliver is English and not known in his home country; but, he is very funny.

Here is the essence of the issue and Brexit. England joined a trading union, a free trade agreement with other European countries after World War II. It is that simple. Well, later unelected people who worked in the European Union decided to make more rules and eventually the free trade agreement became a political union, one in which the European Union wrote most of the laws for all the EU nations, the only problem was that the people never got to vote on it. Because of this, the presence of  England in this political union was undemocratic. The second problem is that no matter who you vote for, it cannot determine what your EU representatives vote on, like half of their laws. All the things Americans have feared about the United Nations is being done in Europe by the EU. A small group of non-elected people deciding the laws that everyone must live by, the description of an oligarchy.

Well, the people of Britain have decided that they want to vote on the matter of whether or not they remain in the European Union and that happens this week. The essence of nationhood is the ability to protect your group from others. In fact, Libertarians would say that is the only duty of government. The constitution says that one of the fundamental rights of the people is to assemble, to choose with whom you live. Up until the late 1960's there were many deed for property in America that said who and who you could not sell to. Many said that you could not sell to blacks or Asians. Those deeds were voided by the courts who said that you cannot require others to limit their right to sell to whoever they wanted once you sold your property to them.

Let me try and simplify my description of the issue. Should someone be able to legally determine what everyone else born in history is and is not allowed to do? Should anyone ever be born with no chance to make a difference in their life's outcome, should their be no place for merit? If todays people can sell their children's future opportunities then you sell your offspring into slavery. You cannot sell what you do not own and you cannot own others; therefore, you cannot deny people in the future to decide what the law should be for themselves. That is what Brexit is about.

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