Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit Was Discussed 36 Years Ago

As always, you get a little bit of this and a little bit of that here. Right now, as I am writing this, people in the United Kingdom are voting on whether or not they should remain in the European Union. I think it is in there best interest to leave; but, it is a decision that should be left to them. The funny thing is that this question was raised to me 36 years ago while in college.

I attended a university in Boston to get my Bachelor's degree, I lived in the state at the time. My professor for international affairs was also an advisor to the Soviet Union and Ireland. He advised me to get my doctorate in Political Science and become the world's expert on politics in Polynesia. He said that would be a perfect niche for me because I knew so much about it at the timey and he couldn't think of anyone who was the expert in it. Polynesia tended to be more of an interest to anthropologists (who lied about it). I appreciated his concern and kind direction. In fact, all of my professors wanted me to become a professor of political science; but, I wanted to write laws, so I went to law school instead.

There is an answer to the question of what we do with people whose physical efforts are not needed in Polynesia. As long as they could be provided for, they were kept around and given new jobs with dignity even if it was playing with the children. There answer changed when there wasn't enough for the tribe to survive. The funny thing about the Polynesians, they viewed all their tribe as relatives. A very Christian thing to do.

Anyways, that professor predicted that the world would turn to regionalism and that nations would bind together based on the region they were in. He was right and that is what the European Union is and what he predicted would happen. It also exactly matches how he saw NAFTA or our region. There was a question he did not answer, which way England would go, with Europe or North America and Australia. I bet that England would unite with North America, New Zealand and Australia. Tomorrow we will know if I was right and if he was right, because we both thought England would be part of America's region.


Well, as I woke up and read the news it turned out that England voted to remain in the European Union. In a very narrow vote England voted away their right to self determination.


Well, the update is not correct. When I got up I went and looked at the headlines and it said that Farage had conceded defeat, turns out that was a lie the English media put out. In fact, Farage said that he knew it was close and the vote might be for remain; but, he specifically said he was not conceding loss. Turns out that there are NO official polls on the vote and as I write this the leave vote is leading by a slight margin. The vote is in the air and we will not know the outcome for hours. I will update.

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