Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Precariat and Your Future

Recently I was reading about the Bilderburg Group's meeting this year and I ended up going too their website to verify something. I was reading their agenda for this years meeting and it mentioned the precariat and the middle class. The Bidlerberg Group - Press Release - Bilderberg Meetings.  That link go right to their website, the Precariat and the Middle Class is item 9 on their agenda. The agenda itself is very vague and predictable, they will discuss Trump and the Brexit; but, also other things, most of which are too vaguely listed. Yet, the word precariat was new to me so I looked it up.

Wikipedia - The Precariat.

The precariat are the people who we do not have jobs for and because of that they are useless to society as a whole in any material manner. While you may have an emotional response to that issue, it is the truth that we no longer need as many people because machines and computers can replace manual laborers and not everybody is smart enough to be a brain surgeon.

I have been writing about this for years; but, now the establishment is openly discussing the issue. Apparently the term was first used in 2014 in a book titled "Precariat, The New Dangerous Class".  You see, the machines are coming and the establishment is asking the question of what is to be done with those who cannot contribute, those who cannot outperform the machines.

The real question of this earth is quite simple and the people in charge know the question, should the rest of us at least ask it of ourselves?  God said "Go forth and procreate".  We have and he never said there would be to many of us and there is not, there are enough of us where all could live quite well; but, we don't need everyone to give back. We no longer need manual labor, we don't need the most basic workers anymore or at least very few of them. We won't even need trashmen, that can be automated.

Remember this, we need very few painters, movie makers, writers, singers, or CEOs. What do we do with those who we do not need and how many of those who do not contribute do we wish to take care of?

If not today then by tomorrow you will be the precariat and if not you, your children. Be well.

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