Friday, July 22, 2016

Donald Trump, the Republican Presidentail Nominee. Why Didn't People See That Coming?

Pick a month since Trump announced his candidacy, which was 13 months ago, and tell me when the media did not say he could not possibly win. You cannot, they were still saying it last month. There were those who said that democracy was wrong and that the establishment could still legitimately steal the election at the Republican convention, I posted those articles here.

Love Trump, hate Trump, it doesn't change how wrong the media and establishment got it. You should be asking why they all said he couldn't win when he clearly has won and consistently won. You are faced with two options, either the media truly thought it was impossible for Trump to win, in which case they really don't understand the anger on the left and right over how the middle class is being intentionally destroyed by the wealthy. The second alternative is that they do know how upset people are and have been trying to discourage them from exerting their vote over how and what decisions are made rather than accepting the will of the wealthy oligarchs that run this nation. Those are the factual options.

The middle class is angry and the workers feel abused, the unemployed feel this nation has abandoned them and it has. Here is the dilemma for the globalists, if Hillary wins, what will she change? Do you believe the angry voices will go away in four years if the middle classes life is not improved? If Hillary gets elected and the middle class continues to shrink, our borders continue to be open and we stay at war, next time, someone even more socialistic than Sanders will take over the Democratic party and someone who truly is an extreme right winger will take over the Republican party.

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