Friday, July 22, 2016

The Election, Hope and the Middle East.

I woke up this afternoon and as always immediately went to the news. Turns out that the convention coverage of Trump resulted in a jump in the polls for him. This is not uncommon and is what happens after every presidential convention for both sides. And, as expected the "liberal" media immediately began attacking everything Trump said in his acceptance speech. The narrative being pushed is that Trump's vision of how America is negative. Well, things are negative and we all know that. Things have been going downhill for the average American and the middle class for at least 30 years, just look at wages for the average American, no raises in almost a decade and a decline in good jobs. The slow blood letting of the American economy is real and continuing, both Democratic voters and Republican voters know that, it is why Sanders and Trump have so much support.

Here is the question in the back of everyone's mind, if we vote for the establishment candidate (Jeb or Hillary or any of them), will wages go up, will the infrastructure be improved, will we stop going into endless wars and will they improve the opportunities for this nations children. The fact is that if we vote for an establishment candidate the best we can hope for is more of the same, a continuation of the disintegration of the strength of this nation and the middle class. We don't know if Sanders or Trump could turn this around; but, there is no hope for another Bush or Clinton to turn things for the better.

My problem with the liberal and the conservative media, aside from the fact that they are all owned by six companies and in the end support the establishment and globalism, is that is that it is anti-change and wants you to believe things are okay. Things are not okay for the majority of Americans and hope for the future is at a low. How optimistic can Americans be when they are told that good manufacturing jobs will never come back to America and that we all have to accept a bleak future with no benefits, no hope for good jobs for the majority of us or our children and increased poverty?

Slogans and new faces do not create hope, real changes and politicians doing what they were elected to do creates hope and when the majority of people have nothing to look forward to other than a decrease in their standard of living, they will push back. I talked about this when the Occupy Movement was going on and nothing has changed except that things have continued to get worse. All the spin and stories have no effect on what people see in their own lives. Half of the people over 18 still live at home and have little hope of a job that pays more than about $8 an hour, that is reality.

So, what does this have to do with the middle east, take a moment and think about it. The reason that millions of Arabs are leaving the middle east for Europe is the same, they are looking for hope, it is the same reason that many have become radicalized. If you live in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries in the region, what hope do you have for a better life? For most in the middle east, they just want to live in peace, raise their children and not be bombed by drones. That however is what they are denied.

The question is simple for the worlds establishment, what hope do you offer the middle class and what hope do you offer the middle east? The answer is none. When denied hope for a better future, people get upset. Americans get upset when told that things will not improve and they have to accept less and young Arabs feel the exact same way when told their lives will not improve. It begs the question, what hope can this country offer to the people living in Arabia?

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