Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

Unlike the lying pundits in the media, I don't claim to be fair or balanced, I claim to state what I believe instead. I am not running a news site, I am running an opinion site and I have opinions. I also have facts and I post to the sites of those who I talk about so that you can verify what I am saying is accurate.

I do not like Hillary Clinton, I would never vote for her, her husband or any of the Bushes. They are all globalists who care more about themselves than this country. I would have voted for Sanders. I guess that means I am a social democrat in many peoples eyes; but, my politics are more complicated than simple terms used by the media. My words on this blog describe what I believe and what I believe is not tied to any parties simplistic words.

Here is what I do believe and know to be true. The people who own this country care little about social issues, they are driven by money. Follow the money to understand what they believe, what they fund and you will understand them. Follow how the politicians they own vote and you will understand what really matters to them and what really matters to them is creating monopolies and making everything a market that is bought and sold. Currently they are seeking to marketize water and the air. Carbon taxes are about charging you for the air you breath; but, they don't own the air, they just want you to agree that they do, that is global warming laws in a nutshell.

Since the industrial revolution the manufacturing industries have owned this world; but, with automation, that power has shifted to the financial industries. Prior to the industrial revolution the world was controlled by the land owners. Well, Hillary Clinton has chosen her vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine. Who is that you might ask, well he is an anti-progressive. That means he is the opposite of Bernie Sanders. In fact, Mr. Kaine wanted to further deregulate banks and he supports the TPP and TTIP (trade agreements that put decision making under international business controlled courts rather than national or government controlled courts). Economically the man is to the right of the Republican party.

Huffington Post - Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Clinton’s VP

Clinton is not a liberal in the traditional sense, she is a globalist and a monetary libertarian. She is basically Ron Paul willing to sell out to the highest bidder. Lets face it, the majority of Republican politicians have sold out to the exact same people, the big banks. Both sides agree that the sheep (voters) are too dumb to see what is going on and both sides use different social issues to divide the sheep while voting together to take advantage of them for profit.

Yahoo - Tim Kaine, Clinton’s VP pick, is a Democrat Wall Street can like.  I like this article, it is so full of garbage and spin. According to the article his greatest achievement was cutting his state budge without raising taxes. Huh? If you cut your state budget, why would you need to raise taxes? That is not an achievement, reducing reducing costs and not raising rates is easy, the problem is that he cut state programs. He cut salaries for state employees and reduced the states contribution to Medicaid.

Now lets talk about Hillary. Firstly, contrary to what you have heard, Hillary has NOT won the Democratic primaries. What you say, but, I heard she had the needed delegates. Well, she doesn't. In fact, she only has 2,205 delegates and needs 2,383 delegates. There are 650 superdelegates that vote for can vote for whoever they want. They are undeclared delegates. The fact of the matter is that Trump had almost 300 more bound delegates than he needed and Hillary is short about 300 bound delegates.

Yahoo - Delegate Board.

Well, it begs the question, what did Sanders trade for. Did he think she was going to move to the left after he gave her his support. If so, he was an idiot, she moved right by picking Kaine. The Democrats are against the workers and middle class as much as the Republican establishment is. The real power fight in this nation is not over social issues, it is not about abortion (that was settled years ago), it is not over gay rights (that is also settled), it is not about marijuana laws (soon to be settled and the writing is on the wall), it s not over race (those laws were settled year ago too, it just didn't end racism), this fight is the middle and working class against the owner class and Hillary represents the owner class. If you are dumb enough to think that this is a post about the election, you haven't been reading my blog long enough, I have said what the issue is long before Hillary or Trump even thought about entering this race, this blog is seven years old and the message has always been there.

YouTube - Delegates Barred From Entering DNC Rules Committee Meeting in Philadelphia.  Why should the delegate at the Democratic National Convention be allowed to know what the rules are for the convention? I guess the party establishment doesn't think their opinion or even their knowing is of value. They will have a bad convention.

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