Monday, August 8, 2016

Manipulating the Electoral College to Fix the Race

I know it seems that I have been discussing politics a lot. If you read the articles you will see that they are really about the economy or the media. I need to point out that I am a social democrat, not a Republican or a Democrat. I openly said that I supported the Occupy Movement at the time. I have said that the Tea Party and Occupy Movement should work together based on nationalism and economics. I spent a couple of years preaching to gay latinos, I have friends that people would never expect me to have being a square white guy. My blog speaks for itself and my words are what they were when I wrote them over the last seven years.

Now, what has brought this up. President Obama (have you noticed that I ALWAYS refer to him as President Obama and not just Obama, I respect the office not the person and not the Bushes or Clintons) stated that Trump (he's not President so he just gets Trump or Mr. Trump)stated that there might be an attempt to fix the election against him. President Obama said that was silly and a conspiracy theory. Well, the problem is that I have posted mainstream media articles for months where they discussed doing just that by rigging the electoral college openly in the press. In fact, I read one this morning and will try to link to it.

The New York Daily News - Here’s how the Electoral College could prevent a Donald Trump presidency, even if he wins the popular vote

The Washington Post (this is from March of this year) - The electoral college could still stop Trump, even if he wins the popular vote

The Hill - Republican threatens to deny Trump Electoral College vote

This whole race has been rigged by both parties, Trump and Sanders both had the rules of their parties used against the voters. Superdelegates for the Democrats, Caucuses where nobody voted for the Republicans. What would Obama say if Trump won the popular vote (that means the vote of citizens) and the electoral college ignored the votes and chose Clinton instead? He would say the process had spoken. Then again, what would the Sanders supporters say, they would say the system is rigged and possibly unite with the Trump people. Better yet, would Clinton say that the rules must be followed and give it to Trump, I doubt it.

When Kennedy won against Nixon it was widely known that the Illinois race had been fixed, more dead people voted for Kennedy in Chicago than at any other time. LOL. Nixon was told to contest the vote; but, he said he would not because it would cause the nation too much harm. You can look that up, it happened. If the electoral college cheats the rules, Trump will have to contest it because that would be a fundamental violation of anything resembling representative democracy.

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