Tuesday, August 2, 2016

People Are Saying They Have Had Enough

President Obama and late night pundits are all reading the same talking points and saying that Republicans should say to Trump that they have had enough. The fact is that many Republicans and Democrats are saying they have had enough. They have had enough of a system which is destroying the middle class and opportunities in this country.

The establishment is throwing a hissy fit over Trump and Sanders supporters for not listening to them. This election is not about the candidates, they are merely an expression. This election, in the voters mind, is about seeking real change, not promised change. This election is about whether or not the government is going to work for the interests of the majority of the people or just the donors. That is what the media is not addressing.

Calling Trump a racist (which he is not) or Sanders a communist (which he is not) is not resonating with the voters because what the voters are saying is that the current system is rigged (which it is) and that they have had enough of it. Trump may not win; but, the issues that are driving the voters will not go away, it will only intensify.

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