Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Establishment is Openly Telling You That You Don't Matter and Should Shut Up

The media wants you to know that your vote and opinion do not matter, if this election has told us anything that is the message. Here is another example.

Yahoo - Why it’s smart politics for GOP leaders to cut Trump loose.  The author states that what the Republicans need to learn is that they cannot absorb Tea Party members or others who will not tow the corporate line. "What Republicans should have learned from the tea party uprising is that you don’t really appease or absorb these kinds of rebellions." This article is in line with other articles I have read in the last two weeks calling for the party to kick out Trump and just ignore how the people voted and in the end that is the real attitude of these people, they are anti-democratic and don't believe your opinion matters.

The Federalist - The Plight Of The White Working Class Isn’t Economic, It’s Cultural.  This is another disgusting pro-establishment, anti-middle and working class author. He claims that the problems workers are facing is because of their culture. We call this blaming the victim. The truth is that Americans were told giving tax breaks to the wealthy (trickle down economics) would increase jobs; but, they weren't told that all those jobs would be overseas. They were told deregulation would help companies and that it would trickle down; but, it didn't, it just led to monopolies.

Yahoo - Ford wants your cabdriver to be a robot.  Their time frame is 5 years. Just think of all the jobs that will disappear, maybe the reason is cultural or maybe it is because you are no longer needed.

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