Monday, August 15, 2016

The Media is Propaganda Not News

Well I have been writing this blog for more than six years. Right now it is coming up on 90,000 hits. I will announce it when it happens, probably sometime next month. For the past year I have said a lot about the media and this election. Many conservatives complain that the media is liberal, it is not, it is corporate. This is true when it comes to their reporting on Europe.

Let us consider how the media reports on what is happening in Europe. The American media reports that their is an "immigrant crisis" in Europe; but, doesn't bother explaining why it is happening. They blame it on the war in Syria. The problem is that many of the new immigrants are not from Syria. They leave that part out. Imagine if Mexico had a true civil war. All Hispanics coming to America would say it was about the war even if they were not from Mexico. You would never know who was from a war area and who was not. In fact the mere fact that they come without identification would make it impossible to know.

Britain wanted to protect it's borders and determine who could and could not enter their nation so they left the European Union. What Britain wants is some say over who can enter their country. For that they are called racist. Hmmm, Britain has gladly welcomed all races. They have certainly been more open to blacks, Indians, Asians than other countries including the United States that outlawed Chinese immigration for a long time. In fact, the number one food in Britain is now Indian curry. Open and closed borders are not about racism, they are about taking care of your community, your nation.

People created nations to protect their interests, their group. Nations can be inclusive of other races and nationalities or exclusive. Australia is a nation descended from convicts. Yet those convicts were English culturally or Irish. Still, would you want open borders if it meant other countries sent us all of their convicts? Ignore the nationality or race, would you want to accept all of the convicts from any country being given the right to move to America? That is what open borders means.

So how have open borders been working out for Europe? That is what the media doesn't really get into. Not here in the United States. Heck, the CEO of J.P. Morgan (the criminal organization that has been found guilty of fixing all financial markets) has said he is in favor of open borders.

Now a smart reporter would say that Europe does not strictly speaking have open borders. That is true. They have open borders amongst EU nations, not the whole world; but, if one country lets them in then they all must. That is what is going on, a couple of EU nations are taking in anyone that comes and then sending them to the other EU nations which must accept them. Do we want to do that here? How will it benefit us? Why does the CEO of JPMorgan think it will benefit him and his company?

If the west is truly concerned about ecology and greenhouse gasses, why is it calling for open borders and not restricting the sale of products made with dirty energy as is done it China? Did you know that the 500 biggest transport ships create more pollution in the air than all the cars in the world? That is true and you can look it up. Those ships run on coal and have nothing to limit their emissions. I was once asked by a politician what I thought we should do about that. I didn't know what to say as I was unaware of the situation and was there to discuss something completely different. I know what I would say today. Refuse to allow any shipments of goods into this country that were sent on ships that did not meet EPA standards. Think about that. It is easy and would force the shippers to at least take the same precautions as we face if they wish to sell here. I bet you will not see that come to law.

The media does not inform you about how things really work or what is really going on, did you know how much those 500 ships polluted and how easily it could be changed? Everytime you see a news report about global warming ask yourself why they don't discuss those ships and only talk about electric cars. Do that thing.


Anonymous said...

What is your opinion of Mike pence. I looked him up on wiki and he seems like a globalist in regards to trade and foreign wars. Which is in contradiction to Trump.

Pimpernel said...

Dear Anonymous 8/16/16.

The Pimpernel only gives his opinion. Mr. Pence is against a woman having the right to decide whether or not to have an abortion. I am against abortion; but, would never restrict a woman's right to do with her body as she will, that would be slavery. Mr. Pence is against birthright citizenship, I am for it. He is in favor of a flat tax as am I, so long as there are no deductions and it only applies to people who make enough to survive. Mr. Pence was in favor of the Iraq war and I was against it. Pence supported the Patriot Act, I am against many of it's provisions. Mr. Pence does not believe climate change (global warming) is primarily manmade, I agree; but, for scientific reasons. Mr. Pence is against genetic modification as I am. Mr. Pence supports eliminating social security, I believe in expanding it.

After all that, I understand Mr. Pence is in favor of TPP and TTIP, I am absolutely against those and detest globalist subversion of nation states. In short, I am not impressed by Mr. Pence's beliefs. The bigger question regarding Vice Presidents is if they become President will they follow the platform, not of their party, but, of the person who was elected President. I don't know that answer. Would he abandon immigration reform (protecting our borders and ensuring control over who enters this country) and an America first policy when it comes to trade and jobs.

If Sanders had become the Democratic nominee, who could he choose as a Vice Presidential running mate. Neither Trump nor Sanders had good choices for running mates based on their platforms. Pence is a globalist, Hillary is a globalist and Kaine is a globalist. The only one who is not a globalist sill running for office is Trump. I hope that answered your question. I wouldn't vote for any globalist and have not for many hears. I agree, he does not hold Mr. Trump's anti-globalist beliefs. Be well.