Saturday, September 10, 2016

Clinton Attacks Trump Voters

Hillary Clinton has come out and said that half of Trump supporters are "Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it."  This was not an off the cuff remark, it was on her teleprompter. She meant it and thought about it prior to saying it in public. Now, I could easily go back and point out that I wrote about how disgusting it was that Romney said he would only represent the people who voted for him if he had won against Obama, I wrote about that at the time; but, I want to make a better point. It has to do with how little many politicians and our business leaders think of democracy in the first place.

NBC - Hillary Clinton: Half of Trump Supporters Belong in 'Basket of Deplorables'.

While the media is focusing on the name calling, there was something more telling in her speech that is not being discussed.

New York Times - The Latest: Trump Campaign Objects to 'Deplorable' Language.  The next two paragraphs are quotes from the article.

"Hillary Clinton is encouraging supporters at an LGBT fundraiser to "stage an intervention" if they have friends considering Donald Trump.

She says, "That may be one conversion therapy I'd endorse," referring to a type of counseling designed to urge gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender children to change their sexual orientation. Clinton stressed during the New York City event Friday night that she wants to end the practice.
Clinton says, "Friends don't let friends vote Trump." She says that while some Trump's supporters are "deplorables," others are frustrated by hard times and merit sympathy."

The point the media missed was her disdain for democracy, for the power of the vote of the people. Now I have never liked or respected the Clintons or the Bushes; but, I have seven years worth of posts here and none attack voters or their right to choose who they will. I have also never told my readers who to vote for. What I have said is who I would not vote for.

There are racists in this country, not because they do not like open borders; but, because they don't like "minorities". There are people who are sexist in this country; but, not because they support Trump. They are sexist because they think women as a gender are less capable. There are people who distrust all Muslims; but, not because of their religion, instead because of how some within the Muslim community have committed terrorist actions such as blowing up the twin towers or mass shootings in Florida and California.

Clintons statement exposed a deeper belief she holds and she is not alone in it, it is the belief that the majority cannot be trusted to rule themselves. She sees the average citizen as stupid, racist, sexist and protectionist. She knows that the vast majority of military people support Trump and this is how she views them too. Hillary said something else very interesting, she said that Trump supporters wanted to go back to an America that will never return. Yes, Sanders and Trump supporters want to go back to an America that was the leading manufacturer in the world where jobs were available for the average person without a degree, the ones who have been ignored and are found contemptible by Wall Street.

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