Saturday, September 10, 2016

Questions for the Media

I may find Hillary attacking Trump supporters as a bunch of bigots despicable; but, the fact is that she is a politician and they are rarely anything other than self-promoting. She also made fun of Sanders supporters so at least she is consistent. I have a bigger problem with the media attacking voters and they have been doing that for months. What I do not see is any consistency in regards to this election.

Hillary supports Israel 100% in her own words. Now I support the right of Israel to exist; but, I have some problems with them. She does not. She does not have a problem with the wall that separates the Palestinians from Israel though she claims to be against the United States having one. She seems to be for open borders, yet, Israel bases citizenship of being Jewish. She claims to hate those who distrust Muslims, yet, again she supports Israel 100%. Why hasn't the media in this country brought this up? Let us not forget Hillary's calling Trump supporters Sexist. Hmm, she supports Israel 100% but seems to know nothing about the Jewish religion. Women are not even allowed at the Wailing Wall in Israel.

I have conservative friends who think President Obama hates this country and is the worst president in history. I view this as an emotional response and tell them that it is not about the person, it is about who controls them and the agenda. I have not supported either party in all the time I have written this blog, I do not support either party still. The two parties are owned by he same people that own the media, or should I say, the same interests.

The media's response to both Sanders and Trump was basically the same, dismissive. They were dismissive of their supporters and their agenda. Hillary Clinton took money from the big banks and now a tech billionaire is spending $20 million to go after Trump. Think that money comes with an expectation? A million would have done that. The tech industry is in favor of open borders to bring down wages and has been caught illegally colluding to keep wages down. They have also been illegally using a visa program to allow in foreigners to take jobs away from Americans who were already doing the jobs.

Let us consider the media's response to Presidential debates. For the last few weeks they were questioning whether or not Trump would debate Clinton. Wait a second, they had no problem with the lack of debates in the Democratic primaries and Hillary's failure to hold more or even give many press conferences. Lets not forget that the few Democratic debates that were held were held at the same time as Major league football.

You may think I am talking about a liberal media bias, I am not. I am talking about a corporate media bias. You might assume that the media is liberal because of it's social bias. I find that a distraction. The media is distinctly corporate in it's interests. Rather than doing in depth investigations into the markets that the banks rigged, they are apologists for them.

The media is currently attempting to say that Trump supported the war in Iraq, he didn't. He did say that if we did go to war we should take the oil and says so today. You can make of that what you will; but, more importantly who did support the war? Clinton admits she voted for it. The media fails to expose how they were complicit with the military and the Bush administration in propagandizing in favor of it. In case you forgot, there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The media loved the war and made lots of money from televising it. How many war protestors did they put on television or even report on? They dismissed them too.

I am biased against the Clintons and the Bushes, that should be clear. I think they are all traitors to this nation. I supported BOTH the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party. I am neither left nor right as those terms have lost all meaning. In the end I am pro-American society. I am for the people of this nation. I am a Roosevelt progressive who believes in civil service to protect us from politicians hiring only their friends and supporters, who believes in giving people an assurance of a minimal level of support when they cannot take care of themselves and who believes that working against the best interests of all Americans is traitorous. Like Benjamin Franklin I am in favor of public schools, the post office and building public infrastructure to benefit all. The Democrats and Republicans voted in measures to privatize all these things and put control over who gets the contracts into the hands of politicians. Remember it was the Clintons who deregulated the media. I do not support the status quo, I do not support either party, I believe a capitalist oligarchy is just as bad as any other oligarchy. I am against Oligarchies, I am pro-democracy. The media supports the status quo, they support parites and they support oligarchy in America. They support the control of the many by the few.

I forgot something else, the media never talks about same sex marriage in Israel. They will not allow it in Israel which she supports 100%. They will allow people of the same sex who married in other countries, like the United States, to live together and not contest their marriage; but, no state in Israel will support or recognize a same sex marriage in Israel. She failed to mention that at her LBGT speech where she accused Trump supporters of being homophobes and the media has not mentioned that either.

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