Sunday, September 25, 2016

False Arguments From Hypocritical Idiots

Not very long ago many conservatives lost their minds because the courts said businesses could not discriminate against gays when making cakes. Certain religious fundamentalists flipped out. They said that people should not be forced to make things that violated their religious beliefs. Todd Starnes is one of the people who felt that way.

Right Wing Watch - Todd Starnes: Colorado Cake Case An Assault On Religious Freedom.

Todd Starnes - Walmart Workers Refuse to Make Cop’s Retirement Cake.  Apparently, Mr. Starnes fails the consistency or honesty test. Here is a line from his article on his website, "The three cake decorators need to be told: either decorate the cake or be fired. Just because Walmart is the home of low prices, doesn’t mean they have to hire a bunch of low class, anti-cop bigots."

How is it okay to penalize people for not engaging wanting to make a cake they see as bigoted and promoting those who don't want to make cakes for gays when both are just businesses? I see the same hypocricy when it comes to school prayer, people are okay with prayer in school, or so they say; but, would flip out if a Satanist was conducting the prayer. The rights you give or deny others eventually work against you too, that is called fairness.

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