Monday, September 26, 2016

The First Presidential Debate: Trump vs Clinton.

Meh.  The immediate online polls gave it to Trump; but, the polls are still going on. As for me, I saw nothing that will change anyone's vote. There was nothing in the debate that is going to make Hillary voters now vote for Trump or Trump voters now vote for Hillary. Yes the media is going to drown on about who said what; but, the reality is that tens of millions of people watched it and the people who did watch it are the most likely to vote. I personally do not know of one person who is really undecided, the only thing they are undecided about is whether or not to vote at all.

For my part, I am disappointed that more did not happen. I was watching for the amusement factor and found too little amusement and only predictability. If you ask me my opinion of how the two acted, my answer is also boring. Hillary continued her personal attacks and Trump responded in kind; but, made an attempt to stay on track more than she. In politics you are taught to ignore the question and answer the one you want. They actually teach people in government to do that same as they teach people in private industry.

If this debate actually changed anyone's vote comment and tell me who you were going to vote for, why and what changed your mind in this debate. I don't see too many comments coming in answering that because the debate changed nothing in my humble opinion.


It is now the day after the debate. News organizations that like Trump scored it a win and those that like Hillary scored it a win for her. Meaningless. The media likes to focus on what it calls momentum. The reality is that momentum means more in the early primaries where electability is an issue. At this point in the game both Clinton and Trump have shown that they can get votes as tens of millions have voted for one of the two.

The media analysis of the debates has focused on "who won"; but, the real question that is not being reported is still the same. Did the debate make you change who you are going to vote for and the answer is no.

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