Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Hillary Clinton Could Win and Why She Won't Do It.

The media and Hillary seem confused that working class people don't like or trust her. She says she will strengthen unions; but, they are already dead and we all know it. Closing the barn after the horse has fled is merely a hollow action. She looks down on the working class and calls them white racist men who are too stupid for their vote to count because they don't feel she will work for their interests too.

If Hillary were a real Democrat she would start by saying she is eliminating tax cuts for companies that outsource jobs. If she cared about American workers she would refuse to sign anymore trade agreements or promise that the agreements were for two years and that if they resulted in American job losses than the agreement would be voided. If she truly was a progressive then she would do what was done in the early 1900s and break up the monopolies (like Teddy Roosevelt did) and regulate business; but, it is hard to take that position when her husband deregulated and allowed the monopolies to come about while outsourcing jobs.

As much as the media, big business and Hillary want to avoid discussing jobs in America it is always what elections are about. It is the economy stupid. Instead of attacking people who are concerned about job losses and anti-immigrants and xenophobes tell them how you are going to motivate companies to create jobs in the United States for Americans.

She won't be doing those things because the multinational companies that are her donors don't want those jobs here, they want those jobs in countries where they don't have to follow environmental laws or pay taxes. The reason Hillary and the media have chosen to focus on social issues is because they will not get votes if they focus on the economic issues that affect us all. Sanders supporters focus was on economic issues and they know the difference.

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