Monday, September 19, 2016

Why Trust the Media Anymore?

The Economist - A giant problem.  The article goes into how we are seeing a consolidation of companies to the disadvantage of small businesses. In the early 1900s we determined that monopolies were anti-capitalistic and began limiting their power. Today we seem to promote it at out own expense.

MSN - USA Today - Ford CEO fires back at Donald Trump on jobs to Mexico.  Ford comes out and says it is moving all it's jobs making small cars to Mexico. Trump has said that if he is elected they will have tariffs put on them when sold here because they are shipping jobs overseas. The CEO of Ford's response is to say it won't hurt American jobs as they will produce more trucks in America. Does anyone really believe that sending manufacturing jobs to Mexico helps Americans or that Ford will pay taxes on their profits, Apple doesn't.

MSN - Market Watch - Hello, self-driving cars; goodbye, 4.1 million jobs?  Maybe those 4.1 million people can all become waiters or doctors or computer programmers. Nope, we don't need that many.

USA Today - Is 70 the new retirement age?  Here is a quote from the article, "More and more Americans are embracing the new reality that is retiring at 70 -- or later." No people are NOT embracing working till their 70 and it does not have to be the new reality. USA, like the others, is just one more shill for the corporations and banks.

Paste - Not So Fast: The Media is Biased FOR Hillary, As Coverage of the Clinton Foundation Proves.  The media is trying to say that it is wrong for being Pro-Trump and anti-Hillary. Huh? Have you read or seen one positive report about Trump? Me neither.

Fox - Trump, Clinton quickly refer to New York blast as bomb; Trump takes brunt of media criticism.  Both called what happened in New York a bomb; but, Trump was criticized for it. More interestingly, CNN (which attacked Trump for saying it was a bomb), edited out Clinton's use of the exact same word. NewsMax - Clinton's First Response to 'Bombings' Edited Out by CNN.  Here is the actual video of what Clinton said that was later edited out by CNN.

Politico - Clinton tweaks Trump over Manhattan blast response. Her comment was that he should not have jumped to the same conclusion she did; but, even that is not right as BOTH were briefed and told what had happened prior to their statements.

The Federalist - Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump is a Traitor, and These Attacks Are His Fault.  Two points. Firstly, how does she know what led the bomber to this attack. Isn't she the person who doesn't jump to conclusions. What if it turns out that it was her actions that led to the wars in the middle east that set this guy off, what will the media say then? Nothing. Secondly, isn't this the same woman who blamed the Benghazi attacks on a YouTube video even though she knew it had nothing to do with what happened. She failed to protect the Ambassador to Libya and blamed some idiot who made a bad YouTube video to deflect people examining her actions, she is if anything consistent.

AP - Exec: Most Lyft rides will be in autonomous cars in 5 years. He does say not to worry as they will still have some human drivers.

MSN -  White, Working-Class Voters Vex Clinton.  Funny how the party that was supposed to be for the working class now considers them deplorables.

The Emmys was last night and ended up being all about making fun of Donald Trump. Last week Jimmy Fallon had Trump and Clinton on and he was attacked by the media for not attacking Trump. Fallon has never done harsh interview nor been very political and he doesn't have to. The mistake the media is making is that they are being universally partisan and misleading. Getting caught in the act as they were regarding the recent New York bombing means that even those who like their position will know that they are liars and cannot be trusted.

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