Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Are You a Polpulist or an Elitist?

We have heard Hillary Clinton and others disparage Sanders and Trump as populists. I thought you might like to know what these terms really mean and why they dislike populism.

Merriam Webster - Populist.  The dictionary definition of populist.

1:  a member of a political party claiming to represent the common people; especially often capitalized :  a member of a United States political party formed in 1891 primarily to represent agrarian interests and to advocate the free coinage of silver and government control of monopolies
2 :  a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people.

Merriam Webster - Elitist. The dictionary definition of Elitist. 

1. leadership or rule by an elite
2. the selectivity of the elite; especially :  snobbery <elitism in choosing new members>
3. consciousness of being or belonging to an elite

In the end one is either a populist or an elitist. The fact is that the media, academia, corporatists and globalists are all elitist and if you disagree with them then they view you as ignorant and a populist, part of the great unwashed masses. The fact of the matter is that elitists do not like democracy, nor do they believe in the popular vote. They believe you should listen to you betters and do what you are told. That is what the Sanders and Trump candidacies were really about.

Search the terms "danger of populism" and you will find hundreds of articles that all come down to the establishments fear of democracy. The fact of the matter is that the establishment is elitist and does not want to hear from the population unless it is to say yes to our masters. Super delegates and other attempts to subvert the popular vote are elitist and those who engage in such activities detest the average person and see them as inferiors.

The vast majority of people go along with the system and accept their lives with little complaint; but, when it is upended too much they get resentful. That is what we have been seeing for the past decade since the elites decided to crash the economy to their advantage. Globalism is an elitist philosophy to further diminish your vote. The rejection of this type of tyranny was seen in the Brexit vote and the elitists are afraid that a Trump presidency would further weaken their stranglehold on the decision making process. Understand the terms and when someone talks bad about populism remember that means they are anti-democratic and elitist.

So, what do populists and elitists believe at this time. Well, populists believe in national sovereignty, they believe in the right of the people to ultimately make the decisions about under what type of law they will be governed, they believe that all people shall be subject to the same law rather than preference for one over the other and they believe we should all benefit when the country does well. Elitists believe that we should eliminate all borders, that people should not decide what the rules are; but, that your betters should and that the rules should be different if you are part of the system. It is not just about money.

You cannot join the Bohemian Grove just because you can pay the fee, you cannot attend the Bilderberg Meetings just because you have money or are an elected official, you cannot join the CFR and attend it's meetings just because you have money or are an elected official, you cannot be a member of the Tri-lateral Commission just because you have money or are an elected official. There are many organizations deciding what is best for you that you cannot earn your way into unless you will support their agenda. These organizations are all undemocratic and many of your elected officials participate in them without telling you what is discussed. They will say it is kept secret so that people can talk freely, in a democracy we should all talk freely and hear what the other side has to say, that makes for an informed populace.

In case you are wondering, liberals can be elitists and conservatives can be elitists, it knows no party or philosophy and exists within them all. Elitists can be religious in nature or atheistic in nature, all groups can choose to be run by elitists or by the majority. The way to know if you are an elitists is to ask yourself a very simple question, if I were in charge would I seek to impose my will on others and nit care if the majority of us disagreed with my choices. Basically what we are seeing from Washington which has sold out to corporate and moneyed interests.

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