Friday, October 7, 2016

Because You Don't Matter, Your Vote Shouldn't Either

Washington Examiner - Trucker shortage prompts calls for driverless big rigs.  You will hear these excuses more and more as the jobs go away. There is NO trucker problem that cannot be cured by paying good people to do a job. What was the last pay increase truckers saw and by how much. If you pay them, they will come. Trucking companies want to go driverless, the rest is just propaganda.

The Mercury News - Fully autonomous self-driving cars get lift from Gov. Jerry Brown   What a shock, you and I are paying to help create the infrastructure for self-driving vehicles and most people still think it is an illusion.

Psychology Today - Autistics as Undomesticated Humans.  Here is the opening line from the article, "Autistic authors often describe themselves as aliens from outer space, but remarkable new research (link is external) by Antonio Benítez-Burraco, Wanda Lattanzi, and Elliot Murphy suggests that people diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) might more accurately be described as less domesticated members of our own, self-domesticated species." Now, lets just discuss that. I must first admit that I am autistic. Getting past that, consider what we are being told, that some people are not "domesticated" in a world where we self-domesticate. The presumption seems to be that the world works because we control one another, that we live by fear of being different. That is elitism, see it when it rears it's head because baby, you are not one of the elite.

The Atlantic - Humans Won't Ever Live Far Beyond 115 Years.  Something I have been saying for years, the average age has increased; but, the max number of years has not moved at all.

CNBC - World Bank president: Globalization not the root of all evil it's made out to be.  Nope, he thinks it is our salvation and doesn't like Trump or the Brexit and believes those may change the worlds economy by holding back globalization. I didn't know the future of the world was so fragile that Britain being an independent nation could destroy the future or that who we pick as president could destroy countries working together, is America the only country? We are not even the number one producer.

The Hill - Obama rips Trump's 'crude populism'.  The alternative is of course crude elitism, I guess he prefers that. Obama was the first black elitist president and if Hillary wins, she will be the first elitist female president. An elitist is and elitist.

MSN - The Hill - UN makes power play against Donald Trump.  The article is really about how they don't want you to have a say in the rules you live under. It begins by saying how a law will go into effect before we elect our next president and how we can never undo that law. That is bs.

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